How Bored Are YOU?

In this, we test how bored you really are.

  • 1
    A man had a stack of bricks. Besides that, how do you put a elephant in a fridge?
  • 2
    How do you put a giraffe in a fridge?
  • 3
    The lion king had a party. Who didn't come?
  • 4
    There was a little girl who always rowed her boat in the little lake next to her house. Alligators used to jump up at her. This time, they didn't. Why?
  • 5
    The little girl used to get small bites on her skin from the alligators. Even though the alligators weren't there, she still died from scratches. Why?
  • 6
    A man came home from hunting in the woods. He saw something laying on the ground next to the little girl. He picked it up and smiled. Why did he smile?
  • 7
    There was a newspaper that said that the man who took the brick killed a old lady. Was that right?
  • 8
    Two days after the murder, the man disappeared and was never seen again. Why?
  • 9
    The lion and tigers were really happy a week later. Why?
  • 10
    A girl's parents were worried. Why?

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