Which Malory Towers character are you?

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Are you Darrell, Alicia, Sally, Felicity, or Susan?

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    A parcel comes with sneezing powder in, and Alicia wants to use it to play a trick on Mam'zelle Dupont. What do you think?

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411 days ago
That is insane cause that's the exact same with me except with Sally.
426 days ago
I got 100% Darrell, I am not surprised though because strangely I have a fierce temper and I look exactly like her because I have short gigery-light brownish hair and freckles. I also have a younger sister called Emily and I am great at sport (mostly lacrosse strangly), I am also very fast have a very quiet best friend and I am 14. It's like Darrel l was made for me isn't that weird except my name is Sophia and I'm 14. I also go to boarding school and it has people a lot like Mallory towers because it has a prankster like Alicia and also a boaster like Gwen. I feel like Darrell was made for me and the programmes and book s were inspired by me.
808 days ago
I got 25% Darrell 25% sally 25% felicity 25% Susan and 0% Alicia I love Malory towers
849 days ago
I love Malory Towers! I suppose you all have read all 15 books, right?
I have.
851 days ago
O got 100℅ Alicia. Yay! She is my favourite! I like Clarissa Carter though too, and Wilhelmina of course!
886 days ago
I got susan whom i admired so much
899 days ago
Yay I got floor 50% Felicity 17% Darrell 17% Sally 17% Susan and 0% Alicia YAY!!! Brill quiz
973 days ago
1002 days ago
I'm a Malory Towers fan! I got 33% Sally and 33% Felicity! Woo, hoo!
1072 days ago
i got 50% felicity 50% alicia