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Sexuality: A Long Confusing Road

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Sexuality is confusing! Heck, I’m still not completely sure😂
But it’s exciting and fun all the same


Oh boy.🤣
So, first... a little backstory on me: Even from the start I was raised that LGBTQ+ is cool and just the same as being straight. I always assumed I was straight...okay, well in reality, I was six. How much am I gonna think about sexuality. I barely knew how to spell sexuality😂
So I wandered through those years like: I like boys. I’m straight. I kissed that one guy when I was three making me automatically straight.
And then when I was 11-12 I met a girl. Let’s call her Aven. So I hung out with Aven and we were really good friends. She started hanging out with my friend group and I kid you not, the reason I realized I liked her is because during math I had finished the assignment (b/c I’m a nerd who loves school and works too hard😂) and I daydreamed about feeding her chocolate covered strawberries. The only other thing about that day I remember is Aven was wearing a F•R•I•E•N•D•S shirt. So anyways I was like: Well crud, I’m not straight then. I had realized a little earlier that I noticed girls more and more but this sent it into action. I knew the term bisexual and stuck to that. Fast forward and I don’t like Aven anymore(took like two years to get over that crush) and I have an even messier sexuality debacle. I only like men romantically and I like girls you know...both ways. But when I’m in random places I’ll be more like,”That stranger guy is cute”. I only like girls I know. So that wasn’t too hard to figure out, right?

It took many sleepless nights and rounds off hysteria. And I’m sure you all hate how undetailed I'm being but it’s hard to explain...I guess.
So then I had coming out to my parents to pull off....

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16 days ago
This is so relatable and helpful, thank you!!!
79 days ago
also I’m thinking of remaking this because of how garbage it is so if the like three people who didn’t hate it would like that idk I might do it👀👀
79 days ago
Why have so many people read this it’s literal trash askjfladj
also @Fellow Earthling if you’re actually serious go ahead! I’m fine with it
87 days ago
There are only two genders...
104 days ago
If you dont mind, I might write my own version of this (and change the name) but I will also give you a shoutout on in
125 days ago
Qrgvadbgqrhnqryjq4yj14yj147j147kqrynq4uj q47jq4yj147k158269qtujq4qy4yjw5ikqrhnqry jw5uk.in other words,its good
125 days ago
I think I'm bisexual too!!!!🌈🌈
138 days ago
I love it! You have inspired so many people!