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How Well Do You Know Jess?

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Lol if you do well on this you know me well gg

  • 1
    What is my full name?
  • 2
    When is my birthday?
  • 3
    If I were to go see one of these movies, which one would I go see?

  • 4
    What is my dream job?
  • 5
    If I could pick one spot to go on a vacation, where would I go?
  • 6
    In my free time, I would most like to:

  • 7
    If I had to pick a drink, which would I choose?
  • 8
    My favorite color is:
  • 9
    How many fish do I CURRENTLY have?:)
  • 10
    What is the pet that I want the MOST?

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