Are you ready for a training bra?

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Most girls start wearing a training bra at the ages

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I really need a training bra but my mom said l am not developed enough for a bra but my šŸ’— shake and jiggle and hurt when I run.what should I do? Heeelllppp.
29 days ago
My šŸ’— started growing when i was 7. By the time i was 9 i really needed a training bra because i needed a bit of support and everyone was staring at me. So i asked my mum and she said no, even though i was about a 30b. When i was 10 she got me one because everyone else started wearing one. However at that point i needed a proper one because my šŸ’— were growing really fast and i was a 32c. I kept complaining that i was getting too big for these and needed more support. I was bouncing around when i ran down the stairs and when i was playing basketball. Everyone would look at me when we were getting changed for PE because my šŸ’— would spill out everywhere. So she said that shed get me some next time she went out. The next week she came back and gave me some 34a bras that had no support at all. At that time, i was about 11 with 34c s. I tried them on and i spilled out even more than with the training bra. She said that i could have them or none at all. So every morning before school i had to squeeze myself into it. If i wore a vest top you could literally see where i was bulging out. Whenever i walked my whole chest would shake and jiggle. I was the most developed in my class when i started secondary school and there was this girl who used to stare at me while i was changing my top in PE, All the boys would look at my chest bouncing up and down in basketball and start laughing. More importantly it would actually hurt and i had the worst backpains. I asked my mum for some bigger bras but she just wouldnt get them. So i showed her the spillage and the bouncing but she just didnt care. I told my nan and she saw how tight they were, and the bouncing, and the spillage so she took me to m&s for a fitting. I was about 12. They measured me and i was a 34d. My nan said to me that she was my size when she was my age so she bought me some non padded simple bras and some sports ones and they were perfect. I didnt bounce as much and it wasnt embarrising getting changed. I am now 13 with a 34e chest and my mum still refuses to get me bras.
I now think that my mum is jelous of me because she is only a34b. My nan says that that she was always complaining about her size when she was younger.
39 days ago
Sorry, I'm really emotional about my body right now, but what I said is what I feel. D:
46 days ago
My mom said we might do it!
101 days ago
So I have been wearing an under shirt for like 1 year. Every shop that has lingerIie the shop keeper tells me I need a bra. It is also uncomfortable at gym class I have to train and stuff but my brests are in my way. I even stopped playing sports because of it
144 days ago
Heheh took this test for no reason lmao
I wear a 32A bra so yeet
187 days ago
It says I should talk to my mom now! I tried but my mom says I'm not ready but sometimes my nipples sick out, ALOT! I have like 2 sports bras and my mom says they are fine. So I need to talk to her again about this....
187 days ago
Iā€™m going training bra shopping today wish me luck
188 days ago
Lol..I also dont know why I'm here. I got a training bra like last year. I just wanted to see what it would say...its actually pretty accurate. I'm waiting to get a cup bra.
207 days ago
Stay calm, don't get mad if mom says no. Just ask if you can get undershirt.
231 days ago
why am i here i already have a training bra. about to get a real one tho -w-
241 days ago
It yes I need one NOW
250 days ago
Want one don't know how to ask for one help
256 days ago
Sammy and Lol sister, you're hopefully gonna get one soon.
274 days ago
Hi I really want a bra sooo bad
274 days ago
Hi I really want a traning bra really bad
274 days ago
Hi I mesured myself and got 26B
280 days ago
I want/need bra but will die if asked mom
280 days ago
I've been wearing training bras since I was like 7 I'm 11 now so I took this for fun and it was like your in desperate need of a bra you should go talk to your mom
305 days ago
My story of how I found out o needed a bra. In 4th grade I started noticing that my breast where starting to develop fast but tied to hide it. I am not close to my mom that is why I hid it. I had pretty big breast buds and a lot of fat so it was hard to hide it everything I wore showed that I had pretty decent sized breast. One day I was not thinking and without a bra I only had one that was WAY to small my brwasts did not even fit in it. Anyway with a very athletic top that was ton and no bra went into my moms room. I looked in the mirror and saw how huge and lose they where so I turned back to go change but then my mom came out and said hey Gracie come here so I turned around and she looked at my breasts and her mouth dropped she said her in the car we are going to target right now to get you padded bras I am so glad I got them because my breast do not ache anymore. It was so funny because at the time my breasts where huge like half way developed I was probably a 32a and my mom did not realize until I was wearing a lose top and her mouth dropped because they where so big lol