Am I over my Ex?

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This quiz will help tell you if your REALLY over your Ex!

  • 1
    Do you like some one else?
  • 2
    What was your ex’s BEST feature?
  • 3
    Does he/she still like you?

  • 4
    Do you think about them?
  • 5
    Did you kiss them more than once?
  • 6
    If someone ask you out in front of your friends you say...

  • 7
    You randomly bumped in to your ex, what do you do?
  • 8
    What would make you do back to your ex?
  • 9
    Did you have sex
  • 10
    Did this test help you?

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1161 days ago
I was with this one guy for a while and i really thought he was serious about me because guys have always treated me as a joke but he made me feel otherwise. We were so similar in many ways and i gave him everything. But one he texts me and he was saying how he was going to be busy that day and i had thought nothing about it, we texted a bit but didnt even say goodnight to me so i decided to text him this paragraph saying how much i cared becuase he had always told me he was scared i would walk out of his life too. To be honest ive been through way more and i put even more effort than he did but anyways i woke up the next day to him responding with crying emojis and i said good morning and he said i think we should break up and my heart broke completely. I have always been tol i can have anyone i want and i know i can but its so hard when i fell in love with this guy and i feel like he just used me and now i dont know what to do. Today i saw that he left me for another girl and i cried. I had never gotten my answer on why he left and i had to FIND it out myself. I just cant stop crying, ive always had depression becuase ive been through anything bad thats possible. I just dont understand. I need help and i try talking to my best friend but she just keeps mentioning how he was too ugly for me either ways and the new girl is way uglierrr, but she doesnt get it. Ive always been able to get guys ever since my 6th grade year but its hard when all they see is your body. Ive been hurt so much in my life that i give nay guy a chance and im dumb for that i know. Like everyone says now i was a simp. It hurts to say it becuase it really shows how sensitive i can be. I just need adviceeee.
1504 days ago
1507 days ago
The test is so right I’m so over my ex
1530 days ago
I gotcha back - thx also
1531 days ago
Kay and rosey Jones- thx ❣️
1535 days ago
Ha! This quiz is SO accurate. I’m am literally OVER this kid.
1559 days ago
@ Jessi Wonders, basically all you have to do is to find someone to hook up with as quick as possible, that really helps. or if you're not old enough for that, try to find someone you can concentrate on, and try to stay away from him so you'll eventually Forget him. Good luck!
1571 days ago
Jessi wonders, you'll be OK gurl. It took me a while to get over mine but finally I did. Just enjoy your life without him. Go out, have fun and be with your friends. You'll get over him eventually.
1591 days ago
I miss him soooooooo much. But I want to get over himhelp me!!