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I've watched the anime like 50 times so all these answers are probably right...

  • 1
    What clan is Hashirama from?
  • 2
    What colour is Shisui's susanoo?
  • 3
    What kind of Sage mode does Kabuto acquire?
  • 4
    How fast is Kirin?
  • 5
    Who has a higher Chakra reserve?
  • 6
    Which of the following doesn't have the rinnegan? (at one point in their life)?
  • 7
    Who wields Kabutowari??
  • 8
    What colour hair does the Uzumaki Clan have?
  • 9
    Which of the following is not a toad?
  • 10
    Who is not a member of the 7 ninja swordsmen of the Mist?
  • 11
    Who led the Third Division?
  • 12
    What was Kakashi's father's name?
  • 13
    Who is Madara's brother?
  • 14
    Which of the following does Kaguya not have?
  • 15
    Are Killer B and A brother?
  • 16
    What is the name of the Tailed Beast with 2 tails

  • 17
    Who is the strongest?

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Comments (8)


237 days ago
This is somewhat hilarious, i mean, it's not Sakura who's the strongest among the given choices, but the weakest. And I was so sure that it was Kakashi who led the 3rd company whilst Gaara led the 4th. zzzzz
246 days ago
Sakura is weak compare to sasuke and naruto😑
248 days ago
3/10 I was not impressed by the trick question, what kind of nonsense do you think this is??
257 days ago
Uhm, actually if you mean punch then Sakura is the strongest but otherwise Naruto is the strongest shinobi 😅 and I thought Kakashi led the third division and Gaara the fourth 🤔
259 days ago
technically speaking sakura is the strongest since she acquired the strength from tsunade
260 days ago
Uhmm, no gaara didn´t lead the third division he led the fourth one, kakashi led the third one, and ik this is a joke but, sakura is not stronger than all, naruto is you could say sasuke is, but naruto has 9tailed beast. (kurama)
260 days ago
Uhm, kakashi IS the third division leader, not garra, garra was the fourth division leader.
262 days ago
NO WRONG that is such a lie sakura is stronger than all?