Will I Become a Serial Killer?

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Do you wonder if you might go out and kill people someday? Do you think or even worry you might hurt yourself or another person? Here's where you're going to find out. NOTE: Seek help from a professional if you see anything here that makes you seriously worry about yourself. I am not a professional, and this quiz is for fun.

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    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)
    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)

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I like the results I got 50% So becareful with me here here here Just love the results MUST TRY!!!!!! GOT 80% in Commander Test
24 days ago
Aight this test is just for fun i get that but its so based of steriotypes! Idk, im also popular i reach into People, i say what they want to hear and other times im honest. But im also twisted, like real twisted and no one knows. Expect if someone found this but like, u get the point. Im sorry but, tests on the internet is never the legit thing and i just get the feeling no one knows the real me, the urge the thrill of scaring the 💗 out of someone. The trill of being straight up evil to someone. And then also being able to be nice, going to psycholog but still. Still get no diagnose other than some relationship truble with human. I have never talked about the twisted things to my psycholog she is a cool woman and we are straight up vibing. No one will ever see this and its a awesome feeling :) im the Weird kid, the popular kid, the dark kid, the always happy kid, the kid everyone gets along with, the kid People can get in arguments with and im usually a leader type. Im 17 btw and been trough some real 💗
25 days ago
Not a killer but totally depressed
34 days ago
I got 100% uhh
34 days ago
When it says why would you kill someone, why is there no option for fun?
40 days ago
I'm 13yrs I'm living right now in a Phyciatric Hospital and my test score was 90% They are going to diagnose me with Immurging ASPD and NPD I'm INSANE and I don't care I love thinking about ways to kill people my other mental problems are PTSD , Severe Depression , Anxiety , Insomnia , ED., And I'm Severly Suicidal.
41 days ago
I’m 12 :) I got 50%
301 days ago
No serial killer here, nope none.
302 days ago
judging by some of the answers here most of you need therapy (60%)
306 days ago
I'm not a serial killer. Yay!
313 days ago
I’m 11
314 days ago
i wonder if any actual serial killers did this test
50% btw
319 days ago
I'm a vampire and like to drink blood if you want me to drink your blood then type in blood type
329 days ago
i would kill them sexually but 80%, see me in a school killing on the news then
342 days ago
100% serial killer (woa test is right) :)
345 days ago
My heart dropped whe I saw my anewser but I have depression issues but when saw my anewser it said 60 percent not searlial killler like wahhh 😟
359 days ago
I iz not a serial killer surprisingly. O,',
376 days ago

Ah, I do realize I'm not a doctor ;) and if anyone doesn't already know that... Here it is now. Im sorry I posted this on a site meant for fun only. And this test is also only for fun too. Of course it doesn't mean they're gonna kill; I'm not a psychic. Even doctors can't predict that! Lmao... Please XD

Sorrrrrry if I offended you ;)
376 days ago

I meant no offense in this test. I literally looked up each symptom and each fact. I'm sorry you find offense by this, and no, I do not think schizorenia like that. I was just watching some documentaries on the brain and when it came up about how different mental disorders and the risks; i grew interested cuz I have BPD and bipolar. I never meant to stereotype or offend. And I deeply apologize. This wasn't meant to be taken seriously, as i posted it under a a website of tests for fun. Like I said, I do apologize; but I stuck with facts... Please don't get offended. It doesn't mean you're a serial killer. I know how difficult mental disorders can be to people and it is a touchy subject. Please accept my apology as I meant no harm in this....
383 days ago
So 90% a serial killer, how about you