How trans are you? Ftm and Mtf

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This quiz is NOT a professional quiz just what I believe makes a person trans as a transmale.

  • 1
    Do you dislike/hate your secondary sex characteristics?
  • 2
    If you had a chance to change your body to male if you were born female/change your body to female if you were born male, would you do it?
  • 3
    Have you felt like the pronouns that match your birth sex are correct?

  • 4
    Do you feel happier when you are referred as the opposite sex?
  • 5
    How long have you felt like this?
  • 6
    As a child, did you ever say or thought you would become a boy if born as a female/girl if born as a male?

  • 7
    Do you wear clothing that is associated with the opposite sex/do you want to?
  • 8
    Have you been called gay because people see you as a masculine female or a girly male?
  • 9
    Are you out to family/friends?
  • 10
    What do you think you are?(doesn't count)

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138 days ago
'mostly trans'

this may seem weird but basically i dont experience much dysphoria as far as i
can identify but i am more trying to hide my body but i dont hate it

when i was 4-5 (nearly 14 now) i told my best friend i wanted to be a boy

as a kid i'd always envy boys, their clothing, hair and just behavior type of thing

i'd roleplay with my sis and play like 20 male roles with maybe 5 female ones cuz i felt forced to or sth

on games i pretended to be a boy until i quit gaming and its one of the things i miss most

but then once i was gendered as male in public and it felt so bad tbh idk whether that was cuz it was in a negative context (not the gendering itself but the reason someone said sth to me) or because its incorrect

i want a guy's name

i draw guys and want to be my ugly drawings rather than myself

i put on ductape at one point and i just felt happy until it fell off

i try to sing lower even tho it makes me sound weird

i shouldnt be writing this

when i asked for a short haircut the reaction was so hard i will never ask it again

when my sis calls me something like nasty transgender it hits me more then if she just calls me gay

i dont socialize with boys irl at all but online so much more boys in my class make me uncomfortable with queerphobic behavior

im probably just gay and seeking attention

i google men's style and hygiene

i kinda dislike my hips

i wanna try to stp again like i did when i was 7 (failed)

the idea i cant dress the way i want to until im 18 makes me cry (when even my dad's death when i was 2 doesn't)

i hate periods but girls do too i guess

i want to be a dad when i grow up not a mum

why am i trying so hard to write it all down

like hell when i try to transpose my voice down i hate it

this is pretty much making fun of trans people yall dont deserve it

its just seeking attention and if it isnt i am ended
158 days ago
So it's confusing to live in a boy's body, thinking about this......
366 days ago
I got mostly trans and I am very confused about the whole situation. I haven't came out to anybody but am def thinking abt it. Any pointers?
374 days ago
You think your parents are transphobic how to you come out as transgender to your transphobic parents?
374 days ago
Your Daddy use's she pronouns on trans guy if you correct your daddy your daddy will still use she pronouns for the trans guy or call them a girl. Your daddy always says transgender people are ruining. Their bodies is your daddy transphobic?
480 days ago
@Ash I recommend doing neutral conversations starters about trans people, like “did you know one of the kids at my school is trans?” “Yesterday I saw a article that said a trans woman/man won a prize for _____!”
627 days ago
What do I do I don't know If my parents are homofobic or not
627 days ago
Thank you Ben lol "Anyways, if you're taking this test, admit it you're trans." But I would like to continue to deny it to everyone around me and myself for years to come until it has eaten away at my for so long. Because I like dressing up as a girl and I will continue to do so. If I come out as trans people will probably just say i'm not because I like to wear dresses. I'm gonna continue to do these quizzes and comments to take a bit off my head.
680 days ago
please helpchow do i come out aghhhh
700 days ago
It's funny how I was first here when I was in the closet as a le$bean and now I'm back as a closeted trans guy. But yeah, my name is Ben. Anyways, if you're taking this test, admit it you're trans.
715 days ago
well i got your a little trans.......

but am i trans...
720 days ago
My parents say they do everything for me but they could do one more and stop being anti trans
723 days ago
Am a trans love it till the day I die
749 days ago
mostly. I am trans ftm. just came out today and guess what...

they accepted me! they said I can be anything or anyone as long as I am happy. if pride goes on this year, me and my mum are going. she has been before but it will be my first time. but my brother had the muffin song playing in the background so it was a good opportunity to come out. if he didn't play it, I would still be closeted. I actually sort of had meltdowns from being a girl o-o. I would cry for about a good solid 20 minutes, trying to breathe. yeah. well imma go this is getting loooonnnnnnnggggggg lol
792 days ago
I got fully trans! I'm sooo happy/excited, even though I already knew it. Yes I don't know what to say but I'm really happy so I'm sorry if I annoyed you...
But please always remember:
You ARE valid even if somebody say you not, you ARE! And if your parents kick you out, we are now your new family!
918 days ago
Hello. I am a trans man, and my name is Del. I used to think I wasn't "enough of a man" because even though I really really felt male, I was still drawn to typically so-called "feminine" items/behaviours. Through my lifetime, I've come to realise that needing to act in a certain way because of your gender is not something we humans need to do. It's only damaging. I remember coming out as male, and feeling pressured to act "more like a boy" because, well, my body was already that of a female, and in order to be more masculine, I felt I had to act a certain way. Now I've realised acting a certain way because of your gender is stupid. All behaviours are really quite genderless- take a moment and think about it. Society makes up these rules, for example: girls are taught to value themselves by beauty standards but have no aversion to dirt. Boys have no natural aversion to pink but are taught to steer away from it. But remember, rules are made to be broken. What I'm saying is, if you're a femme trans guy or a butch trans girl, there is nothing wrong with that. You know what people say? Listen up, trans guys... "Your feminine side makes you more of a man" to all the trans girls, being a powerful, tough woman is something you should be proud of. If you're non-binary you run this show. You're an amazing example of how gender isn't binary and gender rules don't matter.
Society built gender rules, we can break them
Thanks for reading. Love to you all, trans people, you are strong and amazing.
958 days ago
((ered))I got a full trans but I don't feel like I am full trans on other test I got just trans and on one I didn't I don't know what to do anymore
In most of tests I got trans. I don't know what to do.....
962 days ago
Mostly trans! I pretty well knew it would say that.
995 days ago
I feel like I may be trans, but I'm okay with my bottom part to some degree? Idk if that makes me trans then
996 days ago
id say im an off the chart paranoid trans guy like some days i spend the whole day saying im a boy im a boy im a boy in my head and my heart rlly hurts when i get called she/her