What is your sexuality?

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A series of questions to tell you approximately what your sexuality is, please keep in mind that everyone is different and that this test isn’t perfect.

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    What sexuality do you think you are?

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221 days ago
I've been researching and I found out that I am a Panromantic-Demisexual.
222 days ago
44% Pansexual
31% Bisexual
13% Straight
13% Gay/Lesbian
0% Asexual
296 days ago
Wrong depiction of asexuality...
299 days ago
75% GAY, 19% BI and 6% PAN
315 days ago
45% Pan
44% Bi
5% Straight
$% Gay
2% Asexual

That 2% surprized me :)
327 days ago
69% pansexual
0%asexu al

353 days ago
56% bi
31% pan
6% straight
6% gay
0% ace

Ughhh i dont know if im bi or pan cuz i had a crush on both but i dont know if it was the gender or personltyyy
354 days ago

75% Bi
13% Gay
13% Pan
0% Ace or Straight

Wow. I'm gayer than i think i would be
366 days ago
69% pan! Cool, I just thought I was bi as I had never had a crush on non-binary people.
392 days ago
I was 50 bi so wow I though i would be gay
409 days ago
Wow. I'm 0% straight, 6% lesbian, 13% asexual, 25% pansexual and 56% bisexual. I'm surprised, but I'm not that surprised.
417 days ago
Last night I slept with a boy.I knew it.& I liked it.This quizze really helps.
444 days ago
50% bi
Well😂 Don't you just love being confused about ur sexuality👌🏳️‍🌈
447 days ago
Hi I am 27 and I am very nice to other people!!😁
447 days ago
56% Ase
!9% Straight
19% Bi
6% pan
0% gay
K so question, how am I bi when I'm 0% gay? is it cos of the possibility that I'm pan? btw I have quite a large belief that I'm ase... just need to find out for sure :D.
450 days ago
63% Bi
25% pan
6% gay
6% ase
0% straight
i think im bi but i really dont know however this is a great quiz
464 days ago
44% pan
I still have no idea! Wow. I mean I never thought about the possibility of being pan, but also kinda saw it coming?! I mean, just love everyone? Amirite?
478 days ago
44% gay
31% pan
6% ace
0% straight... Wow I am even gayer then I thought welp... You know, could be gayer!
I love anyone who gets that reference.
482 days ago
I got 38% bi and 0% straight
485 days ago
apparently im mostly bi, huh interesting lol.