The quiz statistic

What Dragon Are YOU?

25 % of users had this result: Congrats you got the Water Dragon! the water dragon lives in coral reefs and sometimes on beaches close to an ocean. these beasts are wise and gentle but they will always be ready to attack!

30 % of users had this result: WOW! you got the earth dragon! this dragon likes to live in forests and mountain caves overlooking forests. they are gentle beasts but are very territorial. they are very secret creatures and won't bother any one.

13 % of users had this result: No, Way! you got a darkness dragon! these are nasty creatures who live in ruins of towns and villages. they kill anything in their sight. so far no one has vanquished one of these terrifying dragons.

32 % of users had this result: Whattt! you got the fire dragon! these dragons are protective and want everything to themselves! they like to live in hot areas and caves, sometimes they will store their goods in caves! they are mean and nasty only looking out for them and them only.