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Does your crush like you? (girls only)

34.3 % of users had this result: He definitely likes you! You should ask him out! He will most likely say yes! Girl, It's going to happen! If you want him to ask you out, first double check if he likes you. No broken hearts!

34.66 % of users had this result: It seems he likes you! He is just too scared to start things. You can make the first move or, try to get closer to him. Give him some time.

15.16 % of users had this result: He likes you as a friend. There's a possibility you can get un-friend zoned. Keep trying. It may take some time or he just wants to keep a friendly relationship. It's okay to be friends!

15.88 % of users had this result: He doesn't like you. You should move on. It's all a lost cause and he isn't worth it because he doesn't realize the beauty you hold. If you can't give him up, talk to him more.