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Is This Love And Is It True?

43.43 % of users had this result: It's love! Your in love! You have a great love that everyone wants, but be careful! Though you you love him and he love you, you both have your faults. It is not the strongest love, but you can both lift each other to that level of the truest love! You have found you Prince Charming so don't let him go! The only way to gain more of his love is to love him. He should do the same!

11.89 % of users had this result: It's a Crush! So you have a crush! Congrats! You like him and he likes you, but you don't love each other. I could be wrong! Don't let this one quiz determine love! Don't let any quiz do that, you can! I'm just helping to put this in perspective! Your crush and you can help each other grow that love so you have a great chance!

43.29 % of users had this result: It's True Love! OMG! You have the truest purest love out there! I don't know what to say, but if I got this right you know what that means. Your soul feels lifted up and you feel safe and home with him, even when he isn't there! Hold on to this! You deserve to feel like this! I hope you guys work out!

1.38 % of users had this result: I Don't Know... You might have a crush, but you need to get to know them more. Maybe then you will fall in love, but for now it's nothing. I could always be wrong though! I hope this all works out for you! Bye!