Which Gender Am I?

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Let's face it - gender can be confusing. You wouldn't be here if you didn't think so, too. I know how it feels, which is why I created this quiz. Hopefully, it can help you navigate this dilemma.

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    Which gender were you assigned at birth, and how do you feel about it now?
    Which gender were you assigned at birth, and how do you feel about it now?

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I feel like this quiz solved all my problems and lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. I have been diagnosed with anti-black gender. Don't know what it means but I'm going to own it
6 days ago
I am non-binary 100% How did I get bigender??? I don't represent both! Also if anyone needs help I would recommend following people who are other genders in lgbtq+ that is what I did i'm also making a Instagram to help people :)
8 days ago
I am a transgender male, I have no idea how in Hell I got agender on this.
13 days ago
In question 8, there is no answer saying my name is neutral and I like It
13 days ago
This test is a joke. There was a lack of options to choose for example people assuming I am female which only had options like that would never happen or I would not want it to happen. Like, no. It happens and I like it. So the test says now I'm a male LOL and I'm just a bit of an androgynous female. How frustrating if this is the kinda misleading that happens in this community when someone vulnerable is curious about things.
13 days ago
alright so i got agender which i think fits pretty well with me but i’m still confused about my gender. HeLP
14 days ago
Hey everyone I'm agender and I'm proud of it if any of you are bi lesbian gay whatever I support you because I'm in the lgbtq+ community i Love you people
15 days ago
I am homosexual & proud to be
16 days ago
@Llama Girl I am trans and believe that there are two genders. I also believe in non-binary, but non-binary isn’t a separate gender, it’s just a lack of gender, or both. But being neither isn’t a separate gender, and neither is being both. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth.
19 days ago
@There are 2, can it. I have a friend who identifies as nonbinary, and everyone in my research class is perfectly fine with that! People can identify as whatever they want, and you can't stop them! And technically, even though there are only two sexes (having to do with genitalia), people don't always identify as their birth gender.
26 days ago
Question 3 has no option for feeling comfortable in or liking your body?
27 days ago
Imagine thinking that there are more than 2 genders.
28 days ago
It said male. I am not a boy. I am just a tomboy and a rough girl who doesn't act all frilly and girly. Doesn't mean I am a boy.
34 days ago
Wow. Put that I'm female, that there are only two genders and I don't conform to traditional gender roles and the test says I'm a man. This is so backwards and conservative. Apparently women can't be masculine and vice versa.
35 days ago
Bigender? Currently I identify as agender, but I think I might be genderfluid (in public I go by she/her not to confuse people). I still trying to figure it all out.
36 days ago
I was born a male. Test confirmed male. There is a divide-line between Gender and how we think and feel mentally and emotionally. Appearing androgynous does NOT make that person any more or less of what their born gender is. They are who they are and they can choose to accent their gender for identification or not. Gender is male or female. Androgynous is APPEARANCE not a gender. You can have male that is effeminate in appearance or personality but is confident in their gender as a male and you can have a female that is masculine in appearance or personality but is confident in their gender as a female. Mama's boys are still male and tomboys are still female.

Thoughts and feelings are transient but gender is FIXED. We are ALL a mixture of male and female qualities and attributes. We ALL like, neutral, dislike things about our body, appearance, behaviors, attributes, etc. but those are thoughts, feelings, (self/others perceptions), circumstances, etc. that we ponder or question or wish that we were something or someone else.

Mental/emotional/genetic illness and/or confusion are REAL and those issues can cloud gender identity!

Scientifically the only people with TRUE Gender identification are those born with a 💗 and as they grow/develop appearing as a female, develop breasts, physically they are female and genetically they are XX they are female, but they have a male 💗 instead of a 💗.

Bottom line: Gender is male or female. Androgynous is NOT a gender. Genetic anomaly of a female with a 💗 is a female unfortunately born with the WRONG genitalia!!

Just because you think, feel, are excluded or pariah or some other problems does NOT in my OWN opinion change your GENDER. It means that LIFE IS COMPLICATED!!!

Changing your BODY will NOT eliminate or remove your PROBLEMS. Just do YOUR BEST!!
36 days ago
it said i was a male but my 💗 says otherwise
39 days ago
I'm enby, NOT bigender...
43 days ago
It said i am bigender so maybe i am, i think im either that or genderqueer im not sure tho.
68 days ago
I’m taking this test a while after I figured out my gender. Mine isn’t really listed but I got the closest thing to it so that’s nice.