Which Gender Am I?

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Let's face it - gender can be confusing. You wouldn't be here checking out this quiz if you didn't think so, too. I know how mixed-up it feels, which is why I created this quiz. Hopefully, it can help you navigate this dilemma. Good luck! I hope it all works out for you.

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    Which gender were you assigned at birth, and how do you feel about it now?
    Which gender were you assigned at birth, and how do you feel about it now?

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3 days ago
Rowan-Yay! I’m so happy for you! Be who you want to be! Love yourself for who you are! 😊😊
3 days ago
I love the Answer I gotBecause I am a trans boy and they said I was a boy :)
6 days ago
Im taking what gender am I quizzes to see if any gets it right but so far none of the 2 I have taken (including this one) has gotten it right, Im Non-binary, this says Agender...
7 days ago
Adrian! How rude!😠
7 days ago
How rude to whoever made this quiz!
8 days ago
I got male? I’m ftm and fully transitioned years ago 11/10 test
9 days ago
I got Bigender.... *laughs in being bigender*
10 days ago
💗 i am a cis male. I identify as a male had always been this way. 💗 how did i get female as a result?
10 days ago
Woah I got Agender
I think this test actually worked (btw this isnt sarcasam
11 days ago

11 days ago
16 days ago
this test is pretty bad, don't bother
17 days ago
Apparently i am a man even if i chose female and feminine to every one of the questions.. something smells fishy here
18 days ago
This quiz does not seem helpful and sometimes confusing to me.
1: feels like it's best answered by someone that already knows their gender. There should be more options for people who are unsure about themselves.
2: nice, the IDK option sounds like it belongs here
3: Again, sort of boxes in stuff a lot or leaves it open completely.
4: Maybe I have to read up on this stuff more, but why female und masculine and not male?
5: If I want to find out what gender I am, why would it ask for my pronouns? That's part of what I want to find out. Definitely needs an IDK option.
6: Actually not too much to say about this one, though I found in other quizzes that the reasoning behind the choice to a question can be very important.
7: Again something that might best be answered by someone that already knows their result for the quiz.
8: Another one that might best be answered when I know the result of the quiz.
9: Either I need to do more research or this one need the terms properly defined for me to feel sure that I actually answered this properly.
10: I really wish we had VR tech or something to try stuff out.
11: Not sure what this does here. As in, how does it contribute to the end result.
12: Could use a bit more differentiation for my taste, as I personally think there is a bit of an inflation going on here due to how many things are stuffed into gender roles and stereotypes that I don't see belonging here.
13: Feels a bit leading to me, at least give me an I don't mind/care option.
14: OK, that explains the previous one, but also still feel the same about this one.

Btw, I ended up Agender, which I really don't feel.
I still don't really know where to put myself or if it's just the fetishes speaking that makes me question myself in the first place.
19 days ago
I hate this quiz. It has many errors!
20 days ago
Right, the quiz gave me a male but I identify as a female? Okay???
20 days ago
I already know that I'm trans, but the test results said I'm agender. I feel like lots of these quizzes sometimes don't understand that you can be one gender but also be a bit androgynous.
20 days ago
I feel like these results might be wrong, but I will accept them
21 days ago
I’m a fab but I think I might be non-binary. At first I thought I was lesbian but I started feeling very dysphoric not too long after puberty hit and now I can barely look at myself in the mirror without having the urge to punch the mirror rip my eyes out, or both, because I can’t stand to face the fact that that’s what I look like. Just yesterday, I don’t remember how the conversation got to this, but me and my Christian family were talking about societal roles and biological differences between men and women and halfway through I had to go to the bathroom because I couldn’t hold back my tears (keep in mind I don’t cry a lot) and I ended out sobbing in the bathroom for a solid 10 minutes not even able to touch myself for fear or just causing more dysphoria. So for all the people who say to just get over it, or just love yourself, I know you mean well, but it isn’t that simple. Thank you for reading this :D
21 days ago
Hey, Magi, if you were wondering why you don’t have a straight pride it’s because you have never been opressed. My friend Laura came out as lesbian and her dad’s side of the family compleatly shut her out. She isn’t allowed to see her cousins because she’s ‘confusing them’. Her older brother, a trans male, is also shut off from his father’s family. Being lesbian isn’t all about having a pride flag and hanging a pride parade. It isn’t all fun, it isn’t easy and you shouldn’t say ‘oh, I want to try and be lesbian for a day, pretty flag I WANT TO BE LESBIAN THE STRAIGHT FLAG IS SO UGLY YOUR’SE IS BETTER’. Please don’t act like it’s all about the flag.