What Thunderclan Warrior are you

Find out what Thunderclan warrior you are.

  • 1
    What matches your personality
  • 2
    What is your goal
  • 3
    There is a fat rabbit on the fresh kill pile. who do you give it to
  • 4
    Your leader(on last life), sister/brother and mate are attacked. who do you save
  • 5
    Your on a patrol and you hear something in the distance(your the only one that hears it). what do you do
  • 6
    You are at a gathering. 2 cats are getting ready to fight. what do you do
  • 7
    You get told that you are one of the three. what do you do
  • 8
    You are walking alone with your apprentice in the woods. You see shadowclan invading. what do you do
  • 9
    You have just been made deputy. what do you do.
  • 10
    You see your mate and kit infront of an adder. its about to strike. what do you do
  • 11
    There is an attack in camp. what do you do
  • 12
    You get chosen to go for a mission. its a 3 day journey there and back. what do you do
  • 13
    You have just received your nine lives. what do you do

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