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Need Advice?

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Do you need advice in something but you’re just too afraid to talk to someone, or just don’t want to... well here I can help with that.

    Hello. Today’s thing is going to be a little bit different. If you need advice on something, please put it down in the comments below, so I can do a separate quiz on it. This way I know what to do the quizzes on because you guys told me. Thanks, and have a great rest of your day!:)

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4 days ago
TY! This helped a bunch! My mom got to wear she was going just fine! The reassurance helped a lot. I have a fear of flying so it’s scary to hear someone else flying for me (I’m sooo weird lol).
5 days ago

Many things will change now, it's just the way of things unfourtenently. These changes will eventually evolve into normality after a while, but it will still never be the same because nothing will sadly ever be the same. However, you can still find some ways to cope better, however, nobody else can help you cope, except yourself. It is not a choice, it can not be helped by others. It is a mysterious thing. Not in a good way.

Don't worry, the likelihood of anything bad happening on a plane with today's technology and safety precautions are very slim.

Also, the office is a great show! Hope you enjoy it! :D

Best Wishes & Love!
7 days ago
ty for the kind words.
I’m worried a bit now about a few things-

1. How will my family change now that my aunt is gone?
2. My mom is now flying (we have to take an airplane to get to where our cousins and my aunt live) And I’m scared something will happen when she’s on the plane.
3. My family is going to be sooo sad these next months. How do I cope with this?

Also umm I just started watching the office and I mean.... 🤩🤩🤩
8 days ago

I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. But just know, that love is a force that can never be broken. She will always remember you and you will always remember her. We wish we could be there for you outside of just a screen, and we too wish we could know you more besides on here.

Just remember, that you must try your best to carry on these next few months because while it is going to be hard, remember that in a way she never left. She is still here with you.

My deepest and truest condolences, please, let us know if there is anything we can do to help you through this time.

Best Wishes & Love!
All The Tests Community
9 days ago
I took ur guys advice. I’m so thankful! U have helped me sooo much and I just can’t even explain how much I wish I knew you guys besides just on here.
God Bless!
9 days ago
ok well she passed just a few minutes ago.

ty for the prayers guys. you have helped me soo much through this.
9 days ago
my aunt had a stroke.

she doesn’t remember many people anymore, she’s
in a nursing home. she can’t talk to many people, she can hardly even talk.

the thing that’s making me cry most is knowing what she said on the phone with my mom. my mom told her about me and my public speaking, and she mumbled my name.

just a small whisper. “gracie”.

😭😖 makes my heart melt in sadness and happiness knowing she remembers me
9 days ago

Addynick has a great point!
Maybe discuss how this makes you feel with your mom, maybe ask to go along with her sometime. I'm sorry to hear that it has been hard, honestly, it will always be hard. However, you can try and distract yourself with hobbies, projects, binging shows, watching movies, ect...

(sorry I didn't respond right away, I had to get to school)

Best Wishes & Love!
9 days ago
And you're welcome Dr. SQUID!
9 days ago
Gracie, do you ever write in a journal? I have a diary and I just vent into it sometimes. Maybe writing down your feelings and stuff will help. It might help to get them out there
10 days ago
Gracie, thanks for the advice! I’ll be sure to try it out as well! 😀
10 days ago
so my mom has to go back to see my aunt again 🙁. If you don’t know already, my aunt lived REALLY far away, and my mom being gone is super hard on me and my family. I hated her being gone last time, and I’m sure this time will be just as hard. Not looking forward to it! Any advice on how to get through it this time? Thanks!
10 days ago

Hello! Thanks so much for your advice and honesty. I'll be sure to test it out, and thanks so much! 😀

Best Wishes & Love!
11 days ago

Not bed. Gosh I hate typing
11 days ago
Also if u know anyone who is a guy and u are comfortable talking to them about what guys think are cool, that’s a good bed too
11 days ago
been there, doc!

It happens all the time to me. Remember that guy I talked about how I don’t like but my friend says I do? Well I still catch myself staring!!! And I always get red too, so nothing to worry about.

I always try to not to stare, but my eyes always end up back at his face. What I do is pick someone or something in the room to look at. When I get bored and find myself staring, I look back at that object. Eventually you will get in the habit of staring at the object instead of your crush!

It may be weird, but the way I think of it is:
If he knows you like him, or even if he just has a hunch, he is most likely to think of it as cool and like you back other than thinking your weird.

Hope this helps!
God bless!
11 days ago
*I meant stared by accident or just in general*
11 days ago
Okay I'm probably not a very good person to talk about this, but...
So maybe when you talk to him try and remember he's just like any other person that you've talked to. You don't usually get embarrassed when talking to like, your friends or acquaintances, right? Maybe try to get to know him a little better, and then you won't be as, um, tomatoe-y(?) when you talk to him? and I would find it weird and slightly creepy if someone stared at me a lot. Ik this isn't reassuring or anything... maybe just try not to stare at him too much?
12 days ago
Hey, all!

So I was wondering if I could ask for some advice. Ehehehe.

Hello! Ah, what an I doing. Ahem, anyways...

There is this really cute dude at my new school, and he’s so polite and kind. But I keep on acting like a nervous 💗ic insane woman whenever I am forced to interact with him. Not to mention, some have mentioned I become a tomato when speaking with him. He’s so nice about it though, but I am wondering if he thinks I’m weird. I sometimes stare at him without realizing it, and then he looks back, and bam... I’m a tomato again. I’ve only known him about four months, and hardly ever talked to him so it’s way too early and weird to say I “like him”. I don’t know. I just need advice on how to be less or a weird crazy tomato face weird girl. What would you guys do? And would you find it weird if some one kept staring at you by accident? Also i hope I don’t seem too obvious. But I do NOT like him in that way for it is way to early and-
Something is seriously wrong with me. Aaaaaaa 😐
But if you only saw this dude 😍
Okay. I’m weird.

Best Wishes & Love!
Dr. SQUID (Weird Crazy Lady)
12 days ago
Aaaaaah sorry sorry soo so sorry so so so ever si sorry I meant lose