Period Predicted

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Have you wonder when you’ll get a period now know! Take this quiz to find out when!

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    First of all, Do you want your period? (won’t effect)

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163 days ago
I have the same as Naomi just without the spotting does that still mean I will get it within five months?
165 days ago
Not quite accurate for me...
268 days ago
You missed B. PLEASE ADD B
269 days ago
Periods are the worst! I mean yeah I know it means your body's working properly but ...blah
314 days ago
That not sounds good😬😬
527 days ago
I meant die in a hole not hile and I meant and not amd
527 days ago
I meant gone by not Gina by
527 days ago
I took this test bc I wanted my period and it said I should get it soon and right when I stood up to get a drink my little brother said “CAITLYN! YOU POOPED YOUR PANTS AMD GOT IT ON THE COUCH BUT THAT HAS BLOOD IN IT!” I looked down and what did I see...? MY FIRST PERIOD!!! AND FYI THIS WAS ON MY 11th B DAY!!!!! Now a couple days have Gina by and I wanna DIE IN A HILE PERIODS SUUUCCCKKKK
596 days ago
For all the people saying they want their period... don’t wish for it. You’ll seriously regret it. I was wondering what a period was like, and I took these tests to try and estimate my first period. After I got my first period, I wished I never took these tests. Unless you have pms, you’ll never know when your period is coming. Also, periods are usually irregular, which makes things very difficult and annoying. You could have your period for 2 days with a light flow, and the next time you could have it for longer and it could be heavier. Trust me, enjoy not having it while it lasts, because once you get it, it stays with you for a long, long time.
603 days ago
If you had spotting,
This means that u will get it within 5 months!
604 days ago
Also im about 5'0 really short
I weigh around 100 pounds
604 days ago
Can someone please estimate me ☺☺

Age- 12 and 13 im may
Mom got it 12 in march
Sister got it a 13 in march
😘- 34b or 32c, rounding out
Armpit hair- not bishy but defoneltly there
Down there- pratically fully grown
Leg hair- I shave
Discharge- had it every day then it dlowed down and now alot agaon
Had it for about 2-3+ years
Mood swings
No cramps
Some acne
Spotting 2-3 time i think

Can someone please help
605 days ago
I want my period! the girls at school have it, and im sad!! ;(
608 days ago
I’ve had cramps for the past 2 days and mood swings
608 days ago
What does a cramp feel like
609 days ago
It's kinda accurate........