What is your Warrior Cat OC like?

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This test creates a Warriors OC (Original Character) for you! Whether you use it for a role play, or just want an OC, this test is for Warriors fans! You are all awesome cats!

  • 1
    What is the color of your pelt and eyes?
  • 2
    What would be your preferred rank?
  • 3
    What is your preferred clan?

  • 4
    Your clan is being attacked by a large group of rouges. Who do you save?
  • 5
    The medicine store is empty, and the medicine cat needs you to gather herbs. What do you say?
  • 6
    Your best friend is kitting, and it's the middle of leaf-bare! What do you do to help her?

  • 7
    Your leader is on their ninth life, and they are dying from redcough. The medicine cat is dead, and the other clans are hostile towards your clan at the moment. What do you do?
  • 8
    Your mate (or you are) is kitting. The nursery has only you (or your mate) in it. What do you do?
  • 9
    Your leader is in love with a cat from another clan. You saw them together on your way to the dirt place. Suddenly, out of the blue, your leader starts going to the dirt place more often. You have ideas, but none of them seem correct. What do you think will happen?
  • 10
    You are in a peaceful nest in the elder's den. Spasms rock your body as you caterwaul in pain. The medicine cat says that you are dying. What do you do?

Comments (22)


129 days ago
NOOOO! I become a medicine-cat!!!!
152 days ago
Nevermind y'all, That was just the only on I was getting
152 days ago
Is the only cat Brackenfrost?
233 days ago
i got brackenfrost, a bracken-colored ton but my oc is a white she-cat with blue eyes
415 days ago
This is unacceptable... I'm girl but I got a random tom... I thinked this will be better. Just.. My OC is dieing of this.
583 days ago
I think this quiz was fine but my oc Darkflame isn’t really the same as the cat she got. Also, I think you should include an oc clan ( like put oc clan and then when you make the answers or whatever you can like put a made up clan and then in these things () put ‘ or your oc clan’) you don’t have to do my suggestions

Also if you want to know a little bit of my oc

Name: Darkflame (duh)
Rank: Warrior
Mate(s): Dappledclover(dead), Thrushwing
Kits: Flareear, Sleetscar, and Flamecloud
Age: 76 moons
Description: a smoky black she-cat with faint pinkish-white stripes and warm brown eyes, she also has two scars on her hip.
Personality: very self-conscious, shy, kind, anxious, but is willing to do the right thing if she is stressed enough about it.
671 days ago
This is NOT my OC at all! I am a loyal ThunderClan cat named Berryfrost and my mate is Adderheart! I am not kitting, no way! I am a dark Grey cat with black side markings and my eyes are an icy blue. So sorry, but this is unbelievably incorrect!
688 days ago
My name is HawkFeather! I got what I wanted, I'm a member of SkyClan, a she-cat, and my mate is RobinStar (the leader)! I'm a nursing queen and I have two kits named Foxkit and Webkit. I had another mate who had died and the deputy is named BlueIce.
688 days ago
I'm a girl not a boy! I wanted to be part of SkyClan but instead I'm the RiverClan deputy!
812 days ago
Lmaoo I chose the killing and aggressive ones for fun and got WC Med.
1029 days ago
I was a boy, even though i am a girl in real life...good quiz otherwise
1029 days ago
I also got BrackenFrost
1034 days ago
I got brackenfrost (I am involve with a cat from a different clan)
1063 days ago
My result seemed good.
1065 days ago
Is Featherfall even a allowed name?
1073 days ago
I'M A GIRL, NOT A WOMEN! I CAN'T HAVE SONS/DAUGTHERS! My OC is a kittypet, and just that! Her name is Sara, not Feather Fall, but this is a good quiz, I'm just mad beacause in the future I don't want to have kids xd
1080 days ago
This is wrong, but a good quiz. I mean, I’m not gonna complain, honestly, there are many possibilities! But, my OC is not Brackenfrost, nor bracken-colored. And not the deputy, also, my cat is about 35 moons(is it old or young?). My OC is a black furred tom with icy blue eyes, one white leg, a white paw, a fluffy long big white tail. He is a long furred, also has a kestrel feather on his head. He is a leader, named Kestrelstar. He have no kits or mates.
1128 days ago
What?! My OC looks totaly opposite! It's not old, not from a stupid riverclan and IT'S A GIRL!
1184 days ago
Not good. My warrior oc is a girl,and she is a pig. BAD.
1198 days ago
My oc was inocrrect but good quiz otherwise...