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Obesity Quiz

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  • 1
    How many children aged 5-19 are obese or overweight?
  • 2
    How is the leptin hormone related to obesity?
  • 3
    In the MC4R pathway, via what neurone do satiety levels increase?

  • 4
    What percentage of the early-onset obese population is caused by a faulty MC4R gene?
  • 5
    Define epigenetics
  • 6
    Similarity between PWS and AS

  • 7
    Is proximity to healthy and unhealthy restaurants a reason for a rise in obesity levels?
  • 8
    How does sleep deprivation lead to obesity?
  • 9
    Can gene therapy be used to treat obesity levels in the near future?
  • 10
    Can DNA methylation be used to treat obesity?

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1504 days ago
10/10 on quiz. Amazing resource.
1511 days ago
An awful quiz. I feel violated by the comment after taking the quiz