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Hi everyone! I'm Anshika....
This quiz will give you an idea of when you will get your first period. I'm not a professional, so I can't promise it to be 100% accurate, but I can say it's 99% accurate and you can trust it. If you want to know when you will most probably start your period, take this quiz.
It might be very long, but it's also very accurate!

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    How old are you?

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5 minutes ago
Thanks guys also side news I got enrolled yay ๐Ÿ˜Š
5 minutes ago
Iโ€™m so sorry Maddy Iโ€™m size 6 and Iโ€™m ten and my friend is like a size 9 and she is only ten too
14 minutes ago
Omg Maddy Iโ€™m size nine shoes! Lmao
And Iโ€™m so so sorry you have to deal with that. You are perfect the way you are Maddy, and even though that sounds hard to believe you must know it. I believe in you Maddy
24 minutes ago
Oh I'm sorry you feel like that, Maddy๐Ÿ˜ข
34 minutes ago
Okay imma rant

I was enrolling for online school I need a meeting to get my disability accommodations well my mom said ooh imagine if you don't get special needs math class you'll have to do 8th grade math but the math is the same they just explain slower. She basically called me dumb I was trying so hard not to cry and my dad was just laughing at me saying hey it's funny watching her do this when it's not me. Then my mom has the nerve to say I didnt mean to say you couldn't do it but that is what she said. Ughh they don't understand what I go through every day I constantly think I'm not good enough I'm not beautiful I'm fragile so fragile to the point I fell backwards and sprained my ankle in PE class we had noodles and had to run and tag the line backwards I fell and yeah I'm so skinny I hate it
38 minutes ago
I.am 13 5"4 and shoe size 8 in women's lmao nothing adds up. My friends think I'm fragile my dad says I look like someone from oswich I can't spell it but Hitler starved ppl but I'm doing fine I gained one pound and didn't eat or anything so I'm good
40 minutes ago
best songs sung by a not main character in theatre
On my own-les mis (like eponine was barely in it ok)
Carrying the banner-newsies
Youโ€™ll be back-Hamilton
Yeah ok
2 hours ago
Think not hunk lol
2 hours ago
Maddy this is one of the reasons I hate kids my age they just๐Ÿ’—so bad ugh I hope you donโ€™t have to deal with that anymore
I was underweight for years ever since I was born (technically hunk I still am but more healthy weight) but it wasnโ€™t tons obvious so I rarely got made fun of (once I remember In fifth grade we did something with numbers describing us and I put my shoe size and we had to guess what each other numbers stood for and no one got it until someone looked at my feet and was like hey her feet are tiny! and so they guessed it. I guess my feet have always been smol idk)
3 hours ago
My nickname is anorexic ๐Ÿ’—. At my old school in my friend group I was considered the ugly underweight scronny one. But I wanna gain weight bc my whole life i suffered in 1 grade I was 50 lbs
3 hours ago
@getsemani thanks but I am at my mom's house and I lost weight im 93.4 lbs I was 95 oops but I'll gain the weight bc I actually need to get steroids due to psoriasis so I'll probably gain more weight ๐Ÿ˜Š
4 hours ago
And I was shocked because idk, weird having someone say the exact height and weight you are, and age, and yeah idk

Iโ€™ve always been skinny, my dad is, my mom is and so are my siblings. Iโ€™ve never thought that I had to gain weight- Iโ€™ve always thought I had to loose it. Even though Iโ€™m slim and my nickname (by some stupid boys at school) is Twig
4 hours ago
And I was reading the chat, Maddy, and letโ€™s just say I was kinda shocked because Iโ€™m worried now, thatโ€™s an unhealthy weight for tjat age? Not necessarily saying Iโ€™m that height, weight and age but....

okay maybe I am

But my cousin is five months younger than me and 2 inches shorter and I weigh more, idk I never thought of my weight as that bad... now Iโ€™m kinda concerned
4 hours ago
Hi Getsmani I haven't seen you in a while :)
4 hours ago
Doing that is completely normal and it's your period . Congrats !!
5 hours ago
Omg sorry Iโ€™ve been MIA so mรผchhhhhhh Iโ€™ll be on more in a few days tho
5 hours ago
Yeah I just looked it up and doing that to yourself isnโ€™t bad so you most likely just started your first period! Congrats!
5 hours ago
Yeah is it blood bc you probably started ur period!! Good luck. I mean touching down there canโ€™t really do anything so Iโ€™m pretty sure itโ€™s ur period. You seriously need to tell your mom. She wonโ€™t be mad I promise. Itโ€™s totally natural and it happens to everyone. But if itโ€™s not your period then you need to talk to a doctor and find out whatโ€™s wrong! So please tell you mom!
5 hours ago
It might be a period. When you touch ,๐Ÿ‘‡its not bad.
5 hours ago
NO on im not 19 Iโ€™m 10