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Amazing story.

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Beautiful story.

    Once there was an insane girl named Grace. Her son, Willaye was a red and green water bottle that looked like a watermelon. She took it everywhere with her and she even wrapped it up in a pair of her pants and called it a swaddle. Then the next day she took it to school and threw it off the roof. How she got up there, no body knows l. She had already has the reputation of a different kid. She had once carried around naked Barbie doll parts and cut them with scissors and she taped them back together with gum. She had also whacked this guy in our class with a chair leg in his.... hehehehe’s. That was funny. All in all, she’s crazy. You have been warned! Bye, Felicia!

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789 days ago
It was just pained kind of like a watermelon xD
802 days ago
Yes Quizzy. Oh my. Was the water bottle round? Or was it just painted like a watermelon?
814 days ago
Ohh myyyyyyyyyyy x
939 days ago
Haha well I guess I can relate!
941 days ago
Sadly yes... it is. My best friend did this. But we both did the Barbie doll thing together. Who knows why. Also she did this all to be funny. Lots of people find her funny. She’s awesome! And when she hit the dude in his hehehe’s with the chair it was an accident. We were in fifth grade and it was the end of the day. As usual, our class was stacking chairs on the top of the tables. This boy in our class was walking behind her as she was stacking the chair and he... you know what happened... so yeah. True story.
944 days ago
Oh, is this a true story? 😶