Are you LGBTQ+?

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This quiz is for anybody who is curious, or just bored. Keep in mind that I can't tell you if you are LGBTQ+ or not. That is all up to you. Love is love is love!

  • 1
    Do you have any LGBTQ+ friends or family?
  • 2
    What do you think you are?
  • 3
    Why did you take this quiz? (doesn’'t affect score)

  • 4
    Have you had feelings for the same sex?
  • 5
    Any feelings towards the opposite sex?
  • 6
    How old are you?

  • 7
    When you see a same sex couple or a trans person, what do you do?
  • 8
    Which gender do you identify as?
  • 9
    Homophobic parents?
  • 10

  • 11
    Are you homophobic/transphobic?
  • 12
    Favorite movie?

Comments (66)


29 days ago
It says that I am probably gay/Lee but I feel bi I just idk anymore
114 days ago

189 days ago
........pan/bi yyyyaaaayyy ok so I need help with this..
302 days ago
@WHAT. Same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
302 days ago
So it says I'm most likely lesbian/gay, personally I feel bi but I wish I was a boy, I'm tomboy AND girly girl, I've had tons of crushes on boys but I've never really LIKE liked them. Also I've been friends with my bff for 5 years now and she has never had a crush and she recently told me she had a crush on a video game character and she has accepted that it'll never happen and at first I thought she said she liked ME and then I tried not to smile and blushed and somehow it just TURNED ME ON GURLLLL so I dunno, maybe its true!!
386 days ago
They said i have strong feelings for the same🌻like no!!!!!!!!!!!!
428 days ago
i got bi or pan but my one of my friends told me that she thought i was bi bahahhaahahah but i told her i dont support LGBTQ+ and she told me....oh...i thought you were bi........
433 days ago
I got most likely gay or lesbian.

Umm... I said in the quiz that I'm bi.
443 days ago
It says I am gay. I am very proud to be a homosexual I just wish that I didn't live so far away from other gay people, because no one around here really understands me.
463 days ago
Yass I just confessed to my crush Alyssa now we are dating 🌈🌈🌈
468 days ago
it said that i'm lesbian but 'm pan i think.still not sure about gender and my parents are half supportiv half not
593 days ago
I'm Bi but it said gay or lesbian :D
600 days ago
hello im xain or i wanna change it to that! im gender-fluid
605 days ago
Me seeing everyone saying this does not help.Dude it is just a quiz so they don't know and it is pretty obvious that they think you would say this does not help
626 days ago
It say gay/lesbian but I like both genders I'm straight too I already know I'm pan
674 days ago
This did not help me
702 days ago
I got gay or lesbian but I'm more toward bi and straight I am biromantic well I identify as that I have a homophobic mom so idk what i am oh also I'm 14
715 days ago
Me when it asks gender: uHhH hAlFwAy BeTwEeN nEuTrAl AnD mAlE tHaNkSsSs
719 days ago
hi im les any way and i have a girlfriend and im very happy
730 days ago
when you have male and female answers and it says gay or lesbian