When is my First Period?

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We all know that every girl wants to know when they will get there first period, well here is the quiz for you. Answer these ten questions to see what your results are.

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14 days ago

Dear AllTheTest Girls,

I just wanted to make everyone here aware that there are strange people on this site. There could possibly be kidnappers here. We have no proof that any of us here ard little girls or not. We're not friends, we're strangers to eachother. You can't just go off and tell your private information to whoever is on here because you think they're your "Friend" no, it's not safe. There are people here that will chat with you here for hours a day and you'll start to think they're your best friend but you don't know that they're a kidnapper who is one day going to ask for a picture of you, then ask where you live, then ask you about your family, and that can lead up to you getting kidnapped. Don't share private information such as:
-A picture of you
-Your private phone number
- Your state
- Your address
-Your city
- Your parents name
- Parents job

And much more. I made a mistake a few years ago when I was 8 I was on a game called Animal Jam and I met a girl who was the best friend ever. I told her my name, age, state, family names, famioy job, I showed her the front of my house, I also showed me a picture of me. That was extremely unsafe. Thankfully, Im really sure that she wasn't a kidnapper. If all of us girls opare going to be here we need some rules. So please, copy and paste this if you see ghis and show it to the other girls when they're online. Thanks!!

- Lauryn Joy (From Another Quiz)
32 days ago
Ok its a good test but all it said was soon how soon is soon
92 days ago
โ€œ have fun while it lasts.โ€ ????!! WHAT THE๐Ÿ’—IS THAT SUPPOSSED TO MEAN
365 days ago
Estimate me
๐Ÿ’— are kinda round but not big
Im turning 11 at the end of the month
Have some pubic hair its long mostly black or brown and slightly curly
Armpit hair is short and light
Im 68 pounds and im 4ft 9in
Almost every day i get a lot of discharge
No spotting
Painful cramps a couple times a week
I feel lazy
I want food even though i ate like 15 min ago
Sometimes get headaches
Not very moody
A few pimples
And a few darker hairs on my shins
366 days ago
Hi can someone estimate me I would like a second opinion
My breasts are at stage 2.5 close to 3
I am 12 years old
I have a medium amount of hair down there it is starting to curl
I have a few straight hairs on my armpit
My mom got here period at 16
I weigh 77 pounds and I am 5ft tall
I have literally the tiniest bit of discharge
No cramps
No spotting
I donโ€™t get tired very often
No headaches
No moodiness
I few barely noticeable pimples
Some brown leg hair (the hair on my head is brown)
384 days ago
This is sooooooooooo inaccurate
438 days ago
469 days ago
@Jane that is a little unusual that you have had discharge for 3 years, but I wouldn't worry yet ๐Ÿ˜‰! I would say within the month! Good luck ๐Ÿ‘!!
485 days ago
Hi. I'm 14 years old and I have every single symptom but no period.
I've had discharge for 3 years,
breast growth for 3 years,
hair everywhere for 3 years,
cramping each month for 1 year on lower stomach and sometimes inside my ๐Ÿ’—, sometimes cramp like things in what I think are my ovaries,
growth spurts,
no spotting,
no period.
The girls in my family were all 14 but I'm still worried. Should I be concerned or is it totally normal. Any guesses as to when I'll get it?
491 days ago