Are You a Bi-Sexual?

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Are you bi-sexual, straight, or homosexual?

  • 1
    You have a really good friend from class that is the same gender as you, when you're watching a movie in your room when they rest their head on your leg, and say that you are cute. What do you do?
  • 2
    Later, when that friend is leaving--let's say their name is Taylor-- Taylor asks you out on a date. What do you reply with?
  • 3
    Let's just say they you said yes to that date. What would you want to do?

  • 4
    You two are a great couple. But sometimes you fight...big time. What do you want to do?
  • 5
    Finally, Taylor breaks it off with you. What happens next?
  • 6
    One week after Taylor broke it off with you, you find the gift he/she gave to you for your birthday, the best ring you had ever seen. What do you do with it?

  • 7
    One month after the ring incident, another friend of the opposite gender starts flirting with you. How do you react?
  • 8
    Let's just say that this person (Micah) kissed you. What would you do?
  • 9
    For a year you and Micah are dating. Then Taylor comes crawling back. Taylor says that he/she made a mistake and wants you back. Do you take Micah or Taylor?
  • 10
    You chose Taylor again (even if you didn't). You two are a happy couple for years. You turn 21 and Taylor proposes. What do you say?

  • 11
    You said yes! You get married and live together. One day, someone of the opposite gender talks to you and asks you out. How do you react?
  • 12
    You tell Taylor about the incident with that person. Taylor doesn't like it and asks what you said. How do you answer?
  • 13
    Taylor eventually says that he/she wants children. How do you act?
  • 14
    Taylor gets dreadfully sick, you need to get a second and third job to pay for the medicine. Do you?
  • 15
    Taylor get better! But is paralyzed for who knows how long. What do you do why you find that out?

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185 days ago
I extremely enjoy playing with others and others humping on me I would extremely enjoy that
222 days ago
60% Bi
27% homosexual
13% straight.
well this is kinda a surprise to me.
i knew for a while now i was Bi but i'm more Gay than i am straight?
ya i don't know.
i'm bi i know that but i lean more towards woman to be honest.
if i had to choose one to settle down with it probably would be a girl.
but i'll still like men.
nothing wrong with that is it?
481 days ago
These tests are always for people who are like “Do I also like the same gender?” But I’m just like “Do I also like the opposite gender?” Like I know I’m gay as hell but do I also fancy girls? Apparently I do cause I got 67% bi, 33% gay, and 0% straight. OOF
487 days ago
I'm male for 1 and for 2 I'm 87% straight 13% bi this is surprisingly true although I kinda have a crush on this girl but I respect only female to tell if it weird
487 days ago
60% bi, I'm into black guys with a 6 inch, or a trans girl with a 6 inch.
490 days ago
80% will I tell people right now I kinda like a trans girl .... oml
511 days ago
I’m 100% gay and it said I’m straight.
519 days ago
So I have a girlfriend and it says I am 60% homosexual and 40% bisexual dang I changed a lot in 17 days
521 days ago
How will I tell my friends and family?!

521 days ago
I wonder how I’m going to teel my Family?
Also I love Taylor!
But how will
524 days ago
i knew it but i could not accept it now im sure and im proud of it but my family wont accept im sure of it maybe i ran away😂
530 days ago
Bruh this is wrong...I’m bisexual....I have a crush on my bff and a boy
532 days ago
93% bi
7% gay
O% straight
535 days ago
53% homo
47% bisexual
0% straight
Knew I was somewhat bisexual but didn't know that I was lesbian I had already known that I wasn't straight so yeah but ok I don't know what my mom would say if I told her about this but I just took the test and I know that I am bisexual but didn't know that I was that lesbian oof
536 days ago
Here is my score
53% bisexual
47% homo
0% straight