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Harry Potter Wand Generator!

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Please enjoy, and make sure comment what Hogwarts house you're in! I'm in Hufflepuff!

    Hi everyone! I have made a Wand Generator! For Harry Potter y’know. Now think of a 5-digit number and write it down. No cheating! Got your number? G
    Hi everyone! I have made a Wand Generator! For Harry Potter y’know. Now think of a 5-digit number and write it down. No cheating! Got your number? Good. Now let's see your new wand!

    1st number (far left): Core

    0- Unicorn tail hair

    1- Dragon heartstring (Hungarian Horntail)
2- Phoenix tail feather
3- Phoenix stomach feather

    4- Unicorn mane hair
5- Dragon heartstring (Swedish Snort-snout)

    6- Phoenix wing feather

    7- Unicorn hair (from body, not tail or mane)
8- Dragon heartstring (Norwegian Ridgeback)

    9- Phoenix feather (from chest)

    2nd number (from left): Style
    0- Bendy
    1- Whippy
    2- Stiff
    3- Flexible
    4- Sturdy
    5- Light
    6- Firm
    7- Fairly Heavy
    8- Very flexible
    9- Heavy

    3rd number (from left): Best for…
    0- Transfiguration
    1- Dark Arts
    2- Charms
    3- Inventing new spells
    4- Potions
    5- Healing spells
    6- Defense Against The Dark Arts
    7- Offensive spells
    8- Defensive/Protective spells
    9- Apperation

    4th number (from left): Length

    0- 12 3/4 inches
    1- 10 1/2 inches
    2- 12 inches
    3- 14 inches
    4- 10 inches
    5- 13 inches
    6- 9 inches
    7- 9 1/2 inches
    8- 11 1/4 inches
    9- 8 inches

    5th number (far right): Appearance

    0- Black with 'cracked' markings
    1- Reddish with lighter and intricate handle
    2- Brown with knobby handle
    3- Dark brown with ivy carved into it
    4- Tan with unicorn horn-like handle
    5- Very light brown with intricate flame-like markings
    6- Different shades of brown from handle to tip
    7- Jet black with bark-like markings
    8- Dark brown with very small and light spider web pattern
    9- Mahogany with fairly smooth and bark-like markings

    Now, think of a number from 0 - 32. Got it? Now let's see what wood your wand is!

    0- Acracia
    1- Alder
    2- Apple
    3- Ash
    4- Aspen
    5- Beech
    6- Blackthorn
    7- Black Walnut
    8- Cedar
    9- Cherry
    10- Chestnut
    11- Cypress
    12- Dogwood
    13- Elm
    14- White Oak
    15- Fir
    16- Holly
    17- Hornbeam
    18- Larch
    19- Laurel
    20- Maple
    21- Pear
    22- Pine
    23- Poplar
    24- Red Oak
    25- Redwood
    26- Rowan
    27- Lime/Basswood
    28- Spruce
    29- Sycamore
    30- Walnut
    31- Willow
    32- Yew

    Please comment what you got! But it's Ok if you don’t want to! Have a good day!

    — Dawn Valtin

    And I have to say thank you to the KidPub Website, and WolfWriter who made a wand generator. They gave me the idea! Thank you!

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6 days ago
Dragon heartstring (Hungarian Horntail), firm, inventing new spells, 13 inches, tan with unicorn horn, yew. I'm in Slytherin
6 days ago
phoenix tail feather,whippy,12 3/4 inches, black with cracked markings and made of pine.Also i am a slytherin
55 days ago
Core:dragon heartstrings (Norwegian ridgeback) Style:Sturdy Best for:apperation Length:14 inches Apperance:Brown with knobby handle Wand:Elm
55 days ago
i got a white oak, i love this wond generator
61 days ago
I am Slytherin and my wand is dragon heart string from a Swedish short snout, stiff, used for practicing the dark arts, 12 3/4 inches, walnut, dark brown with ivy carved into it. I like my wand stupify.
109 days ago
@Luckyluna same, even in school I'm in green
118 days ago
Az én pálcám sárkány gymor toll,merev,gyógyító búbájra jó,10 hüvelyk,Barna foganytuval és fényő a fája.
238 days ago
Holly and Dragon heartstring, 9 and a half inches, good for defensive spells,firm, jet black with markings ☺
254 days ago
Hello guys sup im in ravenclaw which is sad as i want Gryffindor
258 days ago
Let’s see you come in here flexible healing spells 10 1/2 different shades of brown and fir wood
266 days ago
Phoenix feather, Sturdy, Defense Against The Dark Arts, 12 inches, Different shades of brown from handle to tip , and Holly
287 days ago
Love this quiz! I'm a Ravenclaw by the way
299 days ago
I'm in Slytherin! Don't worry! I'm not evil!
299 days ago
In griffindor so ya...... ..... ...
349 days ago
I have a unicorn hair core for my dark brown, lightweight holly wand with ivy carvings. Its length is a full 12 inches, and works best for transfiguration! Cool!
356 days ago
By the way guys I took The Pottermore quiz again and it said I was in Ravenclaw! And Please no arguing in the comments about wands or Houses. Thank You!
364 days ago
Hi guys thanks for coming! And sorry if I spelled anything wrong and sorry about the wried black rectangle at the top. I tried to put a picture there, but it didn't work. Thanks!!!