What Is My Aesthetic?

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There are many aesthetics out there. Here are some common ones I included in this quiz: Art Hoe, Baddie, Grunge, Vaporwave/Kawaii and Vintage. After you answer these 14 questions, I'll tell you what aesthetic I think best fits your personality, style, etc. Please remember, you can choose whatever aesthetic you want.

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    Which of these kinds of music do you listen to most? (Pick the closest.)
    Which of these kinds of music do you listen to most? (Pick the closest.)

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9 hours ago
I like aesthethic beacuse it's cool and.... i'm trying this quiz? And....nah;-;
12 hours ago
Well I got grudge but I guess the test is ment for girls cause it said in tomboy so I can't be emo....I'm a guy I'm very emo lol
13 hours ago
I- bruh. I got “ So which aesthetic are you? You are a Baddie. You are most likely one of those popular people with many friends you go everywhere with. You mostly shop at Forever 21 and Amazon.com. You can be mostly seen wearing a fuzzy jacket, listening to Ariana Grande and Post Malone.“ why...I’m not popular and I hate pop music, I love musicals and I’m a lesbian. Tf
15 hours ago
This is what I got, "So which aesthetic are you? You are Vaporwave/Kawaii. You are obsessed with anything pastel. You mostly shop at H&M and any store that sells cute stuff. You can mostly be seen wearing big headphones, listening to remixes of old and new songs." I hate pastel colors, I wear like dark cool colors and black and white. I thrift most of my clothing, and would especially not shop at H&M bc they're clothes are bad quality and like child labor camp stuff. And I listen to Indie and like some classic (and modern) rock music.
2 days ago
umm i got grungde and i picked nothing to do with what it said and i like pink
4 days ago
i got grunge and im literally wearing pink and i just dyed my hair so innacurate..
4 days ago
this was so wrong. it said grunge/skater boi. first of all, i’m wearing a jean skirt with a crop top, fuzzy jacket and high heels. i’ve never been on a skate board. this is a dumb quiz .
5 days ago
i picked.the most vintage answers and kawaii. really?
6 days ago
6 days ago
Also das Quiz hat mich nicht wirklich überzeugt...
Das Risultat hat mich nicht beschrieben und ich habe zu machen fragen habe ich nicht wirklich antworten können.
6 days ago
at least make it accurate 💗
6 days ago
i um-chile my choices were VINTAGE AF and the results were kawaii y'all. kawaii.
7 days ago
Can somebody explain me how you can wear socks with sandals? I’m German and we kind of invented socks in Birkenstock’s years ago. Most likely older men wore and wear this. And now I heard it’s hyped in America... how tf is that possible? There’s even the word “alman” for people wearing socks in Birkenstock’s and other German stereotypical things like idk reserving sun beds at 06:00 am. This is such a German thing.

Btw it says I’m Skater Boi aesthetic. And kind of a tomboy. But I would describe my aesthetic more like this:
Sometimes I’m a baddie ( most of the time) and sometimes I’m girly. It depends on my mood...
7 days ago
It says I'm a popular baddie with many friends but I don't have a lot of friends and I'm not popular at all I'm very quiet 🤣
I also like to wear anything cool - I could go one day wearing bright, cute/nice colors, but on other days I wear all black. So idk
10 days ago
11 days ago
So, yeah- Apparently I'm grunge- My house is hella cottagecore, though--
11 days ago
hmm grunge
11 days ago
Yeah no the results are WAYYYY different from what I am. I got grunge. I'm more of a baddie 💋
13 days ago
i got « kawaii » by answering that i loved black, old punk songs ans 70/80s pop yeah yeah why not but i definitly am goth what the hell
14 days ago
yeah, i’m def grunge