What is my sexuality? (For girls!)

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This test is a sexuality test, A test I have created to try and help people who are very confused about their sexuality. Just because this quiz says you are a sexuality doesn't always mean it's right, this is from my own personal knowledge

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    What gender are you currently crushing on/ dating

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61 days ago
I'm 30 percent lesbian, 30 percent bi, 30 percent asexual, and 10 percent straight.



I'm insulted gimmie my zero percent.
97 days ago
didnt get what I am- help im not lesbian im bisexual-
108 days ago
50% bisexual well next mission coming outwelp wish me luck
121 days ago
Im like 70%lesbian And always that im with my good gilfr fiends im like I wana Kiss ya so bad inside
127 days ago
Lmaoo Alexander I'm 60% Asexual.. OOF
135 days ago
im 40%Asexual and IDK what to say....
136 days ago
ok, i definitely like guys. *im a girl* i don’t see myself dating a girl but that doesn’t mean i’m not attracted to them... does that make me bi?
166 days ago
I know I’m bi, I had a crush on a girl before, and a crush on a guy before as well. :P
180 days ago
I think I’m homoromantic asexual, but idk
229 days ago
So, I'm not sure I this helped or not, because m sexuality keeps changing. 2017-early 2018, Bi. Then, 2018- very late 2019, Pan. Then, late 2019- January 2020, Lesbian. Now, I'm not really sure anymore. I mean, most of my friends are bi, but that doesn't mean I am, too. When I first came out, I wasn't exactly sure, I just thought that since I like both, I was bi, but knowing more about the LGBT community, I realize that there's more to it. In the end, I think I'm just gonna stick with queer for now.untill then, good luck finding yourselves out! 🏳️‍🌈❤️
235 days ago
My sexuality keeps changing. Augest-May 2018-2019, Lesbian. June 2019, Pansexual out of insecurity, July 2019 -Sept 2019 Lesbian. November 2019-Early December 2019 Liking girls (I identified as nonbinary) Late December- about Janurary 28- Gay (Im Male now) From there: No hecking clue.
When I was a girl and when I was nonbinary, I could only imagine myself with a girl.
When I realized I was actually male, can only see myself with a guy.
But girls are more attractive than guys in most cases.
Maybe it's the "I feel more when looking at _ then kissing _" situation.

Sorry this was long -.-
273 days ago
50% bisexual, 40% lesbian, 0% asexual, 10% straight, I think I’m lesbian because boys are ok but I prefer girls more!
Bye uwu
367 days ago
70% Lesbian
20% bisexual
10% asexual
0% straight

Yep, sounds about right 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
394 days ago
40% Ace
30% Les
30% Bi
0% Straight
403 days ago
I’m Asexual ;-; 50% I’m possibly Asexual
438 days ago
40% bi, 30% lesbian, 20% asexual, 10% straight.

439 days ago
50% bi, 20% lesbian, 20% asexual, 0% straight lol
496 days ago
For 0% you are: You are straight.

You should be happy with yourself.

If you are not happy with this result then that is totally fine.

Don't think because some quiz said you were straight doesn't mean you are. It is totally up to you to decide, besides it your life right.

Sounds bout right
519 days ago
i don't know what i am! somebody help me know! my friend told a few of my other friends she couldn't see me with a boy and said to them that she thought i could be a lesbian! i feel like if i am bi or lesbian they will not feel ok to hang around with me and they will not accept it - our group would be awkward. i need advice!!!
524 days ago
I am lesbian :) happy happy happy