Accurate Period Quiz!

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This quiz is to help girls, waiting for their period. If you haven't gotten yours yet, it's okay! hopefully this can estimate you!

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    How much discharge do you have?

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52 days ago
It will happen soon enough.Your almost there.carry a liner, or pad with you!
52 days ago
Yes it is i'm taking it
52 days ago
Em this one is good
56 days ago
Yes, that is a sign of your period. Get ready,, because it's coming
60 days ago
Ermagurd I'm gonna get my first period soon!!!!!!!!
66 days ago
@ask meh anything
I've had light brown discharge once. Is that spotting?
67 days ago
ask meh anything (89876) just tell me anything else you need to know and I'll give you more info, just not sure what exactly you mean by needing more context. Thank you :)
67 days ago
NeedEstimating (50641), 3 months to a year-- hope this helped (i'm not a doctor but i have had my period for a while)
67 days ago
💿💿💿 (87418), 5 months to a year (i'm not a doctor but i have had my period for a while)
67 days ago
Echo (23159), I can help but i need more context- hope i can helpp
67 days ago
april (66749), its normal, its just your cycle (even before you get your period, cycles of discharge, different amounts at different times in the month are very normal) (if your discharge is green/yellow/chunky or smells very bad consult a doctor oh and btw ounce you start getting discharge you should get your period in a year or less (i'm not a doctor)-- hope this helped
67 days ago
67 days ago
idk why i did this quiz, iv'e had my period for a little over a year, i'm just her to give you guys advice, sooo ask away! unrelated comment- i was a pretty late bloomer .-.
68 days ago
That happens to me and I wonder that to
68 days ago
April that happens to me and I wonder that to
68 days ago
please help,

my discharge has really started to calm down the past week. Last week i would get a ton of discharge every day and have to change my underwear after i would get home from school. Now i barley get any. Is this a sign my period is coming!!!!????!!!
68 days ago
You Kyndall you wish meh luck because it's coming before my eyes.
71 days ago
Age: 14 1/2
Chest: size C, started growing at 11 1/2, rounding out.
Hair: thick and dark "down there," but not curly, thin armpit hairs
Discharge: frequent, white or clear-ish slightly thick
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 110 lbs
Oily skin.
Generally in an OCD-ish mood, I cry alone sometimes
I'm more attracted to others, (not going into gender :)
Tests say 1-8 months. Idk when my mom got hers. Tysm for hearing me out!
71 days ago
I get anywhere from a month to 6 months away, if anyone can help estimate, I'd really appreciate it
71 days ago
When u take this but u have your period