Golden Girls Trivia - very difficult

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Multiple choice quiz, 10! questions

  • 1
    Who did Blanche want to be buried with after her fiancé was found to be a polygamist?
  • 2
    When Dr. Clayton made a pass at Blanche while dating Dorothy, what was the name of the made up adopted daughter Rose made up a story about to convince Blanche to tell Dorothy?
  • 3
    What was the design of the wall paper in the kitchen season1?

  • 4
    Who is the costume designer throughout the entire series?
  • 5
    Who wrote into her contract to keep all of her custom made wardrobe from the show?
  • 6
    What was Estelle Getty’s real last name?

  • 7
    How did Sofia leave all her competition in the dust during the walk-a-thon?
  • 8
    Al Beaty Was the 2nd man who died while in bed with Rose. What was his profession?
  • 9
    Why couldn't the ladies bury Mrs. Glickman from it’s a Misearable Life episode, on a Thursday?
  • 10
    What famous Ocean’s 11 actor played a detective trying to catch the ladies’ neighbor who were jewel thieves?

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1184 days ago
#6 is wrong. It should be Gettleman, not Gettleson
1243 days ago
#9 is wrong. It's Mrs Claxton. Not Mrs Glickman.