What you know about sis vs bro

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You should do this quiz to see how much you know about sis vs bro. And see if you are a big fan of them, or not.

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    What are their names?

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1255 days ago
i love this quis sooooooooooooo much. i also love sis vs bro soooooo much.
1369 days ago
It was so amazing and now I feel like a real fan of sis vs bro.
1369 days ago
one question was really hard and I cannot believe I finished it.
1393 days ago
I wanted to become a fan of sis vs bro . So I was searching to be in the sis vs bro fan club .
This quiz was amazing. I like it .
1429 days ago
Something about me: I'm 10, I like to play ROBLOX (yes, xXAngelSweetyPiexX is my ROBLOX username. It sucks) or Gardenscapes during my free time, my favorite color is green. I hate anything Gacha on YouTube. My favorite song is Sunflower. I'm a fan of Sis vs Bro.