How much do you know about transgender issues?

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This quiz is for people who are not transgender but are thinking about transgender issues. For accurate results, think about your answer before choosing an answer choice, and then select the answer choice that is closest to what you already had in mind.

  • 1
    How would you describe the relationship between sex and gender?
  • 2
    What would you assume a person means when they identify as a trans man?
  • 3
    What should a parent do when their 6-year-old child says they feel like they are transgender?

  • 4
    What would you say if a male friend says, "I don't want to date a transgender woman; having sex with someone who has a penis is gay"?
  • 5
    What does "cisgender" mean?
  • 6
    In terms of what it means for a person's mental health, being transgender is...

  • 7
    While at work, you meet someone whose ID says they are male, but who has long hair, breasts, and is wearing makeup and traditionally feminine clothing. Later, when recounting the story to your friends, how would you describe this person?
  • 8
    True or false: Transgender people all experience gender dysphoria.
  • 9
    Are non-binary people transgender?
  • 10
    If you encounter someone whose gender is unclear from the way they look, you should...

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3 days ago
I- What? 'You know more than most people do about trans topics, and would likely be considered a good ally by most trans people. However, some of your answers were based on misinformation, even if they were well-intentioned. There's no shame in that, but it does mean you're not done learning!'

...I'm literally a trans male??
99 days ago
None of these questions have correct answers
104 days ago
Awesome quiz! Seems like I know a lot about these trans stuff(I’m a trans guy by the way). But here’s a quick thing to mention: non-binary people can be cis in a way because it’s possible for a person being intersexual both biologically&mentally.
117 days ago
lmao it say im a great ally to the trans community but im literally in it
117 days ago
Quick note:
Some non-binary people are cis.
That is all.
124 days ago
I'm trans ftm. Apparently I need to learn a little more. The question about a male friend's sexual preferences gives trans people a bad name. No-one should be forced to change their preferences. There should be an option to say to the friend "Look at this photo of Blaire White in a bikini and tell me if you still think her boyfriend must be gay?" A lot of these questions seemed to be aimed at shutting down honest conversation and repeating dogma. We can't educate people about trans issues if they're called ignorant every time they make a casual comment. I know how much dysphoria hurts but if we don't have non-judgemental conversations then we increase the transphobia that young transitioners are suffering.
145 days ago
I did so well(unli))
152 days ago
this test is amazing, thank you so best friend is transgender FtM and now I'm sure what I'm saying won't be offensive hopefully things will get back to normal 😊👍