How well do you know Why Don't We?

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Why Don’t We related questions

  • 1
    Who is the youngest in the band?
  • 2
    What’s the name of their first song?
  • 3
    Who has a little sister named Anna?

  • 4
    Who has a dog named Sawyer?
  • 5
    What’s the name of their book?
  • 6
    What’s the name of their very first album?

  • 7
    What’s Jacks favorite song to perform?
  • 8
    Finish the lyrics.. “and if the sky falls I’ll catch it..”?
  • 9
    Finish the lyrics.. “is your body talkin’?”?
  • 10
    How many siblings does Jack have?

  • 11
    Finish the quote.. “I like you more than.. and I really like..”?
  • 12
    How many EP’s have they released as of 2019?
  • 13
    As of 2019 who’s the only one in the band that’s single?
  • 14
    Finish the lyrics “if I got a day off it’s a date night”?
  • 15
    Finish the quote “u fly that women to?
  • 16
    Who’s dating Beautychickee aka Christina Marie?

  • 17
    How many songs are in their first EP “only the beginning”?
  • 18
    Who did the boys work with on a song?
  • 19
    What band member hates chocolate?
  • 20
    What ship does the fandom mostly prefer?

  • 21
    Who has the most tattoos?
  • 22
    What’s Zach’s favorite snack?
  • 23
    Who’s mom is named Keri?
  • 24
    Finish the lyrics.. “I’ve been missing I’ve been crushing on you all night..”?
  • 25
    Who’s voice is the deepest?
  • 26
    Before the band, who released a song named “why”?

  • 27
    Who had surgery on their throat?
  • 28
    Who’s older brother is the manager of the band?
  • 29
    Which two members have the highest voice?
  • 30
    Who has the most Instagram followers?

  • 31
    How many songs are in their album 8 Letters?
  • 32
    When did the band form?
  • 33
    How many tours have they had as of 2019?
  • 34
    What song does Jonah’s signature dance go along to?
  • 35
    What time is it on Daniels watch in the These Girls music video?

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438 days ago
I think camilla is his half sister
463 days ago
SORRY I MEANT “Where did Camilla come from?” not “Whee did Camilla come from?”
463 days ago
ok, so Jack is rumored to have 4 siblings. He did say he grew up with 4 sisters, but it could’ve been a simple mistake! He really only talks about Sydnie, Ava, and Isla! Whee did Camilla come from? EXPLAIN💀