Which Little Witch Academia character are you?

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Do you like little witch academia? Have you ever wondered which character you are? Well try out my quiz to find out!

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    What is your magic?

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533 days ago
I got Akko and Diana !! I’m happy with my results but I wanted Diana more
665 days ago
I got. Sucy i wanted Diana 😔
665 days ago
I got sucy and akko which doesn‘t makes any sense
685 days ago
wow i actually got Diana i didint know that i was that rude
685 days ago
693 days ago
693 days ago
Awwwww i got lotte i wanted Amanda >:c
703 days ago
ok theres only lotte and akko only
i swear
703 days ago
hey everyone i think this quiz is actually all okko i swear everybody who tried this quiz got akko
i swear
703 days ago
awwwwwww i got akko i want diana this quiz is riged
703 days ago
diana is my love from before and always :)
751 days ago
i wanted sucy OnO REEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee but oki i got akko
779 days ago
I got Lotte :) I think she’s very sweet so this is definitely not a bad outcome
786 days ago
yay i got akko :>>>>
817 days ago
I got Akko...CAN I GET A HOYAH
911 days ago
yassss akko
942 days ago
Im Akko ;3 Yay!
947 days ago
akko or andrew
985 days ago
lol I honestly thought I was gonna get Amanda but I got AKKO! YAYYY