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MCU Quiz

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This is a quiz of all things Marvel Cinematic Universe, so be warned, spoilers for the whole of the MCU

  • 1
    Which Infinity Stone did Bor hide away after obtaining it in battle?
  • 2
    Who does Peter Parker catch trying to buy weapons from Vulture’s men?
  • 3
    When the Guardians bring the Collector the power Stone, which Stone is he already in possession of?

  • 4
    What empire did Ronan the Accuser defect from?
  • 5
    Who impersonates Daredevil?
  • 6
    What was Mjolnir made of?

  • 7
    In which city did Wanda Maximoff accidentally murder innocents with some being Wakandans?
  • 8
    Which state had the military base which was home to Arnim Zola and blew up due to Cap and Nat finding it?
  • 9
    What city did the Hulkbuster fight take place in?
  • 10
    Which hero attended the Midtown School of Science and Technology?

  • 11
    What was Mar-Vell’s Light-Speed Engine powered by?
  • 12
    What year was Peter Quill abducted by Yondu Udonta?
  • 13
    The Confederacy approached Earth demanding Gravitonium and Inhumans in return for protection from who?
  • 14
    Which SHIELD Agent sent to retrieve the weapon and kill the couple in the one-shot Item 47?
  • 15
    In what year were Howard and Maria Stark murdered?
  • 16
    Who purchased Damage Control?

  • 17
    Who killed Ulysses Klaue?
  • 18
    In which city was the line ‘There are always men like you’ spoke?
  • 19
    Who was permanently killed at Warrior Falls?
  • 20
    Who did Hank Pym punch in the Triskelion?

  • 21
    Who wasn’t a founder of SHIELD?
  • 22
    Who is the current leader of SHIELD?
  • 23
    What is Aldrich Killian’s date of death?
  • 24
    How much credit did Tony Stark give Pepper Potts for Stark Tower?
  • 25
    What did Stark say Coulson had reached?
  • 26
    Where was Talbot defeated?

  • 27
    Which armor is Iron Man’s nanotech suit?
  • 28
    Nick Fury faked his death by using Tetrodotoxin B, but who was it developed by?
  • 29
    Who was caught leaning on the Cauldron of the Cosmos?
  • 30
    What in Odins vault showed Loki his true heritage when he touched it?

  • 31
    Iridium was used to build what?
  • 32
    Which celestial was shown using the Power stone to wipe out a planet?
  • 33
    Who last used Shocker’s gauntlet?
  • 34
    Who hasn’t used the Time Stone?
  • 35
    Who did we see get called as backup first on the pager?
  • 36
    Who has Thanos’ respect?
  • 37
    Who was the first snap victim?
  • 38
    Who killed Proxima Midnight?
  • 39
    How many engines of the Helicarrier would need to be destroyed for it to crash?
  • 40
    Who says the line, ‘if you get killed, walk it off’?
  • 41
    Who did Scott Lang get in PRISON for robbing?
  • 42
    Which member of the Howling Commandos has a descendent that goes on to become Peter Parker’s principal?
  • 43
    Which infinity stone was the third that Thanos acquired?
  • 44
    In the cover story at the end of Iron Man who was it said was in the suit?
  • 45
    Which of these did not approve of the Sokovia Accords?
  • 46
    Did the Cosmi-Rod ever hold an infinity stone?
  • 47
    Killmonger believed ‘death is better than....’
  • 48
    What is the real name of the Chitauri space whales?
  • 49
    Which planet is covered in oceans and it’s temple is only accessible every 300 years when the sea lowers?
  • 50
    Some people move on…

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1359 days ago
Je t aime Wanda Maximoff beaucoup tu est tres belle.
1386 days ago
Technically Thanos aquired the mind stone in the avengers, so it makes the space stone the third he aquired.