"Like Like" or Just Friends? (young girls only)

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Let me guess. You know a boy. You want to know if he "likes" you. You've taken at least 13 other quizzes, trying to find out if he actually "likes" you. (That or you are just doing this quiz because you are bored) Well, this quiz can help you determine whether he really likes you, or you are stuck in the friend zone. Make sure to answer honestly in order to get accurate results!

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    Have you ever seen him staring or constantly glancing at you?

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15 days ago
This is helpful I really do think that he still likes me but now we're sort of friends and I don't want to risk ruining our friendship by asking him out
28 days ago
On Wednesday I raced Kaleb like, 3 times 1 on 1 for 60 metres to try and beat him. I haven't yet. I keep telling him "I'm gonna beat you! I know it!" We were walking back from gym class together and he said"so what happened to beating me eh?!" and laughed(in a nice way) I just laughed back and said," it's gotta happen eventually!" then he smiled a lot.

PS you know how I call him unicorn? Well I also call him narwhal sometimes. We were doing long jump together and he was right before me. He ran down the track but when he got to the sand pit (as a joke) he jumped, flopped around in mid air and just bellyflopped in the sand it was hilarious. When I went right after him I was running by and yelled, "forget unicorn you're a narwhal now!" and we both laughed. Then I beat my record.
32 days ago
sorry I haven't been on for a long time. My wifi is acting up a lot. Anyways, there's this dude in my class, Kaleb. He seems like he likes me. (Which is weird cause I've only been at this school 5 days. He keeps staring at me, showing off, and seems to always be in the same place as me. We only have gym class together cause he's in a different home room. We've been doing track and field in gym. I'm the fastest girl in my class. I've only ever gotten first when I did races with girls and when I did a 200 metre race with boys I got second to a really fast guy named Owen. I also did 60 metre with boys. The first 60 I did I got third to Owen and then Kaleb and on my second 60 I got second to Kaleb. When I did my first race with Kaleb we were standing near each other at the starting point and when he noticed I was there he said "oh no, I'm so gonna lose." I smiled and shrugged. When we got to the end and I had third and he got second (we were really close to being tied) he said that I was really fast. I was standing behind him when we were lining up to go inside and even though he was talking to his friends he kept looking at me, and right in my eyes. Even when I was standing by my locker he went up to his friend Luke (who's locker is right by mine) Kaleb said, "look at our handshake!" I looked over and he just high fived Luke. I chuckled and looked back towards my locker. I herd smacking and looked back to see them doing a very intercit handshake. He smirked. I was reading a book and it had a list of like, 95 ways to tell if someone likes you. One of the important signs was if their friend seems to be looking at you or seeming to be "checking you out" Luke has been looking at me a lot in class and talking to me every once and a while. I call Kaleb unicorn because the first time I met him/raced him he had the front if his hair in an elastic so it looked like he was a unicorn. He laughes and blushes whenever I call him that. 😊😊 I also called him a Narwhal because yesterday we were doing long jump and instead of jumping he (as a joke,he really can jump pretty far) just like, bellyflopped in the sand. It was hilarious. Today I raced him 1 on 1 3 times and even though every time I lost I'm determined to beat him. I keep saying, "I'm going to beat you! It's gonna happen!"We were walking back from gym and he smiled and laughed(nicely) and said,"what happened to beating me?" I laughed to and said "It's gotta happen sooner or later." Then we both smiled. If you way me to say more about him feel free to ask.
34 days ago
Hey I am dating this guy i've only met once and I don't know if I should just go for it it or if I should just back down
60 days ago
Today on the bus (again sorry) Jack was two seats ahead of me. There was a grade four kid who was in the seat between us and to the left. (the kid is REALLY weird) Anyways the kid was talking to some other kids and suddenly he said "spongebob teeth!" Jack and I both looked at him. Turns out he was talking to me. (supposedly it was supposed to mean I have buck teeth even though I don't.) Then he said Jack had "spongebob teeth" too. We both looked at each other and chuckled.

Also, before I got on the bus I was standing waiting and muttered that I hated kids (I had just spent my afternoon with younger kids and the comment was in spite) Jack was standing nearby and said, "ya I hate them too. They're so annoying"
64 days ago
I help at a place for disabled people to ride horses and there is a guy there who I think might like me but I don't like him and I don't want to lead him on as I already have a boyfriend can anyone suggest what I can do. Thanks
66 days ago
PS Amy isn't my real name I just used it as an example (it was the first girl name to come to mind)
66 days ago
Hi guys! What's up. Today on the bus I was sitting a few seats ahead of Jack. A girl in grade 2 or 3 was right I front of me. She had a rotten orange. I had my head down because I was texting my mom and suddenly I heard Jack yell, "Amy don't look up!" So I kept my head down. Turns out the girl had the orange right over my head so if I looked up it would be in my face. Then Jack and one of his friends were yelling at the girl to quit being annoying 😊😊
68 days ago
thanks goth girl 🙂🙂
68 days ago
Yeah I'm fine with that I don't know how much help ill be but I'll try
68 days ago
I have a question for you. (everyone here) Since I'm moving it will take me a while to get used to a new school and having major tests right away won't help. So I was wondering if I could come here and just spill my concerns and confusion. Basically I'm asking if you'll be a makeshift "support group" Please
69 days ago
Thanks Goth girl. Good luck
69 days ago
Confused girl good luck with ur move that is really annoying that it is happening at that time
Good luck in ur pats I have my gcses then so I probably won't be active much GCSEs are the British equivalent to Canadian grade 11 and affects our future so hopefully I do well :(
69 days ago
Update- Today on the bus home from school I was sitting in the seat right behind Jack. I had my hand up on the back of his seat. Suddenly he turned around to talk to one of his friends who was sitting in the same seat as me. He accidentally put his hand on top of mine. He stopped talking. I quickly pulled my hand back and he stared into my eyes for a moment. Before catching up to his senses and going back to talking to his friends. We were both smiling really big,! 😆
69 days ago
Have a crush, try getting to know him more. Then it will be easier to tell whether he likes you or not
69 days ago
confused girl, that is so sad! I hope things get better
69 days ago
Emery, what I mean by young girls is that this quiz was made for girls who are under 16, but anyone can do the quiz if they want to. :)
70 days ago
sorry I meant June 😬😁
70 days ago
I'm kind of down in the dumps right now. I'm moving and I'm sad. Besides missing my friends I am disappointed because I was signed up for my first ever school trip in May from the 16th to the 18th. It's two nights of and I was planning on going with my friend Lily. She is really close to her mom so she said having me there with her would comfort her a lot so I feel really bad!! 😖 We have to be out of our current house on May 1st. Another thing is the situation with Jack and Hayden! I'm so depressed and annoyed. The logical part of my brain is also firing because since I'm in grade 6 I have PATs this year. (provincial acheivment tests.it's a Canadian thing.) Any ways even though they are provincial so the test is the same for every student in the province at all the different schools in the province, I still will be adjusting to a new school and then right away I'll have a massive test on each core subject that are all from the middle of May to the start of Jume!
73 days ago
Have a crush, I think he might like you. Maybe. Try doing some of these quizzes or try getting to know him. Good luck!