What would be your Warriors life/personality?

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56 days ago
My name is Tenderheart
283 days ago
Sky!i feel the same way about the same one!!!!
283 days ago
I loved this quiz!!!!!!!i am featherlight!!!!!wooooo😝
294 days ago
You are Featherlight! You are a RiverClan warrior, with a great life. You have had no problems, and your close family still live. You have a sister named, Hazelfur, and a brother named Needlepelt. Your father’s name is Berrytail, and your mother is named Heatherleaf. You have a niece named Littlekit, who is Hazelfur’s daughter. You have a apprentice name Tetherpaw, who is a fast learner, and a kind cat. You are known as a quiet cat, but are social with close cats. You eventually become deputy… and hope to soon become leader of RiverClan! You are a loyal and strong warrior!
352 days ago
I also got leaftail and willowshade
373 days ago
im leaftail and willowshade. she has two names xd
445 days ago
I got very strange profile! Same as Lightleaf, something about Leaftail.
485 days ago
There is no ShadowClan, you’re right! I got
You are Leaftail! You are a WindClan medicine cat, with a happy, but secretive life. You trained as a warrior, but found a strong connection with StarClan, that the medicine cat found as you were injured from a battle against ShadowClan. You then began learning as a medicine cat. One day, when you were searching for herbs, you were mistaken as a WindClan cat, and pretended you were. There, you were called Willowshade. You go to the two clans every other day, switching as warrior, and medicine cat. You always believed that ThunderClan was your true home. You can be quiet when you are frustrated, or busy. You are a very gentle, and loving medicine cat!
Well, I don’t think you can balance two lives... I was going for a warrior, but I do like ThunderClan (Tho SkyClan’s my home). I do like the personality.
489 days ago
I Got Tenderheart of Thunderclan and Skyclan LEL
510 days ago
Leaftail of WindClan and ThunderClan XD
522 days ago
THIS IS EXACTY MY PERSONALITY! (I got Featherlight of RiverClan)
544 days ago
lol on the third question it says thunderclan two times! can you add shadowlan?