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    Who started the Petrova doppelgänger line?
    Who started the Petrova doppelgänger line?

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113 days ago
henrik was technically the first to die but rebekah was the first to die and become a vampire. tons of wrong answers here.
717 days ago
and amara wasn't a doppleganger, doppelganger were based OFF of her, but she wasnt one
717 days ago
henrik wasn't an original though, so he doesn't count he was never a vampire. HOWEVER, finn was the first original vampire to die
1001 days ago
i understand with the who died first question becuase the question said which ORIGINAL henrik never became an original vampire BUT he was the first to die so i think there are multiple answers
1010 days ago
this quiz is so wrong cause Henrik died before Kol and Finn died before Kol and u have to be more specific like if it was a vampire that died first or he first human.
1041 days ago
1080 days ago
Henrik was the first to die.He died before they were turned into vampires.Werewolves killed him.
1202 days ago
Amara was first. She was with Silas. Which was a thousand years before Tatia and the originals were born
1208 days ago
You have a lot of incorrect facts in your quiz. Smh
1262 days ago
Tatia was definitely the first petrova doppelgänger because they shoes it in a flash back from when Elijah was still a new vampire
1410 days ago
Finn was the first original to die