How does your crush feel about you? Quiz (girls only)

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In this quiz, you will be able to find out if your crush likes you back and how he feels about you through a series of questions. Make sure to answer honestly to get the proper results ;)

  • 1
    Do you talk to your crush often?
  • 2
    If you try to talk to him, what does he say/do?
  • 3
    How much do you like him? (on a scale from 1-10, 10 being TONS, and 1 being eh)

  • 4
    How long have you liked him?
  • 5
    What do you usually wear to school?
  • 6
    Who usually starts the conversations?

  • 7
    What is your attitude towards your crush?
  • 8
    What would you call your crush? (besides crush)
  • 9
    Do a lot of people have a crush on your crush?
  • 10
    Do you honestly think that you and your crush have a chance?

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495 days ago
I love how it assumes my crush is a guy. I'm gay asf bro. ✋😐
619 days ago
@im not telling u my name: freaking same :3
624 days ago
Thanks for the result I am to shy to talk to my cute but yet handsome crush and i have anxiety
659 days ago
Ok, so as you probably know I like this dude. He's pretty funny and kind and has a good personality. We text a lot and I swear, for like, 2 hours we had a conversation just on pickles... PICKLES ( we were both very bored ). The thing is though, I always see him staring at me during class and it makes me really nervous. When I look at him he always smiles and winks. If I was ice cream, I would have melted A looooong time ago because I blush every time this happens. And I guess as some people say it, he slid, like a banana peel, into mah dms. It was also pretty funny because when we first texted he said "lol why is your pfp Tsuyu." tbh Idk how I know his stuff. Ok, I'm getting off-topic T-T. ANYWAYS, he's actually a lot nicer to me than most of the other guys i know because with them we always say rude stuff to each other( but we all know it's teasing) The one thing I don't understand though is when I walk by his friends start whispering and smirking at me and he starts to blush. I'm pretty sure this means that he likes me but you can never be to careful!!! lol this sort of ended up like a storytime. My hands also hurt so yeah imma stop typing. Anyways, if you have any responses to this pls let me know!!!!! bai
664 days ago
Ok for the outfit one I actually wear a uniform??
730 days ago
I have a crush on a girl, Taylor. She has a short bob and kind of acted gay so I just assumed, but it turns out she has a boyfriend. Still, though, we talk a few times when we meet up to rehearse at the theater. When I am onstage, I am never alone, because I have a role that involves me to always be up there with another girl. When we went backstage, Taylor said good job to me specifically. Like, the other girl was there too so she could have said good job to both of us, but she said it specifically towards me. I'm overthinking this and it's very flustering because I should be mature enough not to stress about these things, but I have a hard time moving on from crushes.
1330 days ago
I really like my crush.And no one has kept it's a secret.My ENTIRE class told him.Now there are rumors he likes me.We have only talked three time.It was awkward the first time.Half the third grade played a game and e and him.When third grade left I said "everyone left"He said"We are still he.I swear I turned a bit pink.Im always a bit pink but when im nervous my lips turn dark red.
1387 days ago
Today on the bus (again sorry) Jack was two seats ahead of me. There was a grade four kid who was in the seat between us and to the left. (the kid is REALLY weird) Anyways the kid was talking to some other kids and suddenly he said "spongebob teeth!" Jack and I both looked at him. Turns out he was talking to me. (supposedly it was supposed to mean I have buck teeth even though I don't.) Then he said Jack had "spongebob teeth" too. We both looked at each other and chuckled.

Also, before I got on the bus I was standing waiting and muttered that I hated kids (I had just spent my afternoon with younger kids and the comment was in spite) Jack was standing nearby and said, "ya I hate them too. They're so annoying"
1393 days ago
PS Amy isn't my real name I just used it as an example (it was the first girl name to come to mind)
1393 days ago
Hi guys! What's up. Today on the bus I was sitting a few seats ahead of Jack. A girl in grade 2 or 3 was right I front of me. She had a rotten orange. I had my head down because I was texting my mom and suddenly I heard Jack yell, "Amy don't look up!" So I kept my head down. Turns out the girl had the orange right over my head so if I looked up it would be in my face. Then Jack and one of his friends were yelling at the girl to quit being annoying 😊😊
1396 days ago
Update- Today on the bus home from school I was sitting in the seat right behind Jack. I had my hand up on the back of his seat. Suddenly he turned around to talk to one of his friends who was sitting in the same seat as me. He accidentally put his hand on top of mine. He stopped talking. I quickly pulled my hand back and he stared into my eyes for a moment. Before catching up to his senses and going back to talking to his friends. We were both smiling really big,! 😆
1398 days ago
check the other site
1399 days ago
no problem love! I'm here to help! ❤️
1399 days ago
Thanks confused girl
1399 days ago
Love, I think he still likes you! Keep hanging out with him and maybe one day you'll be comfortable with him enough to tell him you like him and ask him if he likes you! Good luck!
1400 days ago
Do u think he likes me confused girl pls tell me 😪😪😪😪 pls pls pls ask me questions to no more about me and him and the other girl that has a crush on him pls thanks. And well done with hayden
1400 days ago
I meant memorize sorry mistake again
1400 days ago
Continuation - at closing time i bet with another boy for my chicken and he won then my crush said if i don't give him the chicken tomorrow he shuld come and give me then he will not give me the coke. He was using this to tease me until i left. Continue judging 😚😙
1400 days ago
Update- today at skul he gave me a book to memories that i dont he will slap me but if i do i will slap him then during break he and the other girl that has a crush on him went to read with the irs teacher then i saw nursery two exam script i was like it is so eazy and they ar still getting 58/60 then he said can i read it then i forgot some then he was making jest of me and he said why am i like this then the girl hissed then she said we all went upstairs together . Another girl was teasing him when reading he said girl stop then she said why did i even marry u then he said God forbid
During french exam i was telling a friend that why did the teacher write the theory like that ,then he said what is my business. He taught i was talking about a year seven student doing exam then i told him he was not then we stared at each other blushing. At closing time
1401 days ago
I'm glad you got to hang out with him today. Hope it was fun. Have you ever thought about telling him you like him? If you're too scared then that's fine I know it's frightening.

Update- Today I was sitting in LA class doing my work when one of Hayden's friends came over and put his hand out. It had a sticky note on it with a phone number on it. I said "what on earth is that" and his other friend who was standing there said "Hayden really wants you to have his phone number." I looked the two boys suspiciously and before I could say anything my BFF walked up and told them to bug off. (she knows about what's going on but not that I kind of like him) Anyways a lot of people have started bugging me about him liking me