What Sexuality are you?

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This quiz should tell you your sexuality. If not, I'm sorry. If so, you're welcome.

  • 1
  • 2
    Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender
  • 3
    Ideal future
  • 4
    Do you feel a strong attraction to the same gender
  • 5
    You identify as:
  • 6
    I have felt discomfort with my sexuality
  • 7
    What do you think of the LGBT+ community
  • 8
    Least favorite stereotype (trigger warning)
  • 9
    What sexuality do YOU think you are
  • 10
    Are you in a relationship

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Comments (25)


160 days ago
A lot of these tests say I am pansexual I don't know anymore this is really confusing to me I don't know what to do anyone have advice for me I am scared I don't know why
175 days ago
, bisexual isn't about being transexual
184 days ago
I cannot tell if I am gay
185 days ago
they got pansexual wrong
221 days ago
I have taken at least 10 quizzes but I am struggling to work out my sexuality and I don't know if I'm gay; but I don't want to be bisexual. No offence, but I want one attraction only.

J x
224 days ago
you need to do more research before you make a quiz on sexualities, and genders xo but t'was a fun test even though it made no sense
227 days ago
I am a complete asexual... so obviously a test would say I am gay...
232 days ago
Whoops I made a lot of spelling mistakes,
*wasn’t just
*which is
Sorry xD
I am the same girl that just posted though
232 days ago
I am 40% homosexual and I am very exited to learn that I am actually lesbian, and I wasn!t just thinking things. I went through a phase were I did not know what gender I was attracted to. I was very uspset by this. I am only 11! I feel very embarrassed at school becuase my friends were trying to guess my crush and I said that they’re name started with an ‘S’ and one of my friends jokingly said ‘Sienna’ witch is my crush’s name. (She is also my best friend) I felt super ashamed because she actually WAS my crush. I have told her now, but, she has been I guess avoiding me now. Sorry, but not everyone gets their happy ending.
I hope most of you guys do!
I thank you if you ACTUALLY read my comment.
I am still struggling right now with self confidence.

I hope everyone eles gets their happy ending.
But I guess I don’t deserve a happy ending.
235 days ago
I said I was male and I have strong emotions for the same 💗 I also said I’ve kissed the same gender and my ideal future is living with my husband. All of this didn’t matter because I got 70% straight. However, I took this for fun and I know that I am 9,000,000,000% gay

Also, bisexual means the attraction to males and females. Pansexual means that you have attractions towards all genders.
235 days ago
It said I liked girls but I like boys this is wrong. It said I am 40% straight not true
236 days ago
its kinda obvi how little research u did into the spectrum of lgbtq. yikes.
236 days ago
uh. okay great test mate! but Q9, bisexual is attraction to both genders, pan is all including transfolk.
236 days ago
So like I'm gay but it said I'm 50℅ str8 um whoops there is something wrong there
237 days ago
This quiz was terrible yo
237 days ago
What the heck- I said I’m a Male who Kissed other Males and it got me to straight I- ehm
245 days ago
Bisexuals like both genders, pansexuals like all genders, non-binary people between genders, agender people don't identify with either gender, trans people were one gender but are now the other OR feel they don't belong with their physical gender
245 days ago
the person making this does not know any of the sexualities. Some of the answers were glaringly wrong.
247 days ago
I'm straight and I don't question it ever so this quiz was really inaccurate since it said homosexual
247 days ago
oh no you don't put A HEART IN FRONT OF MAI SHUT. UPP!