When am I going to get my first period? Quiz

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I understand that you may be wondering when you’re getting your first period. I’m DEFINITELY not a professional but I’ll try to answer as accurate as I possibly can.

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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197 days ago
@BingBong from what you said I'd say about 1 week - 2 months
Good luck girlie! x
197 days ago
2_5 weeks away omg I don't know how to use a pad someone help me please
255 days ago
@when tho
from what you said probably about 8-12 months to go
311 days ago
Someone, please estimate me!

Age 13

Height 5’4

I have discharge every darn day! It also goes through my underwear egg white and really sticky

Breast a B cup Not fully developed tho

I've been getting like 5 pimples every day

Spotting 4 - 5 times

Mum got hers at 12 and my sister got hers at 9 my mum thinks I will get it soon

Always tired even if I get 11 hours of sleep

Mood swings 4 times a week

Black and curly underarm hair not full yet tho

Hair down there stage 4 out of 5

Leg hair going black become very Noticeable

Thanks 😙❤️
319 days ago
Estimate me?
I'm 11

❤ Are buds

I weigh about 112 lbs.

Had 1 or 2 pimples

Been very Moody and tired lately

I have a medium amount of white discharge, had it for about a month

have a little bit of blond wispy pubic hair, arm and leg hair you can't see because it's so light blond

Been noticing more sweat then I used to have

I want it pretty bad, but I don't think I'm gonna get it too soon. 😔
328 days ago
Discharge for 8/9 months and so much daily
❤are triangular and sore all the time
Mom got hers at 12 grandma at 11
Always tired
Want chocolate and mangos
89 pounds
4 11
Sooo moody
Lots of hair down there
A couple dark straight hairs in armpits
Acne breakouts every couple of weeks
Cramps sometimes
And I shave my legs
Also sweat so much
Please estimate ASAP
Can I have a couple peoples opinions plz
400 days ago
Erin is a freaking A$$ hole look at her on home page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
411 days ago
@MeowMeowCatHarm most probably in 5-2 months. Best of luck!!!
413 days ago
It's a little accurate I think!
416 days ago
8-12 months
So uh,Help please?!?!?!?
416 days ago
hey um if anyone wants to estimate meh here yeh go

disch arge: a little bit of clear goo once or twice every week or so
cramps: lower back and below belly button almost every day very painful and no way to get comfy
mood swings: very 💗 day
cravings:CHOCOLATE SHAKE AND FRIESS (all the time)
💗: a36 or something like that
hair: lots of black half curly hair, armpit is just blonde and wispy
mom got hers at like fourteen-sixteen
thank you, lemme know if you need more info
stay street

I know like two or three other girls who already got it
417 days ago
Gurl that was ur period. I’m pretty sure. My friends had that happen to them so you are okay 👌. And it will come in the next few days to a few months u are almost in a cycle
418 days ago
omg can some explain what it means by 5-2 months idkkkkkkk
419 days ago
@Emery Thanks for the estimation and sure why not!!!
419 days ago
I have 5 weeks to 2 months! SO EXCITED :D I'm also kinda scared tho.
419 days ago
the red means you had spotting spotting means you are so close to your period you have 0-2 months good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
419 days ago
@Avery Nawar
you have 0-2 months good luck!!!!! do you want to be friends?
419 days ago
I already did last year I'm boredyeet
419 days ago
Estimate me pls
Age: 15
Height : 5'7
Weight : idk but im chubby
I've had cramps and discharge and my cup size is a c. I have hair in all the places so I'm pretty developed. But I've been having brown discharge since last year in October - for about 5 days around the same time. Last month there was red blood but then was just brown for the rest and wasn't alot and now its just brown and just like discharge but comes out quite alot and idk what it is- is my body broken? If it is my period why is it like That? Why isn't it red like it's supposed to be??
419 days ago
Estimate mine:
Breasts: Starting to get round
Hair: Bushy, curly and dark
Discharge: 2-3 times a day
Cramps: weekly
Moody: too much emotional and sensitive
Relationship: have a HUGE crush
Acne: blackheads and occasionally pimples

When will I get my period???