Does My Crush Really Like Me Back? Girls Only!

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If you’re crushin’ on your seemingly perfect guy, and you’re wondering if he likes you back, then this is your quiz, baby!

  • 1
    When he looks at you, where does he look?
  • 2
    When you talk, what do you talk about?
  • 3
    Who starts your conversations?

  • 4
    Does he touch you?
  • 5
    Does he flirt with you, and do you flirt back?
  • 6
    Have you kissed anyone yet?

  • 7
    Do you think you’re attractive?
  • 8
    On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like him?
  • 9
    Why do you like him?
  • 10
    Which emoji below best describes your love?

  • 11
    What is his first initial?
  • 12
    Last question: Do you think he likes you?

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933 days ago
Hi I am crushin on a boy named jack as well but its the biggest crush I have ever had I have been crushing on him for 3 years on and off and every this year we are in the same class for everything since corona happened the whole of summer term got cancelled luckily i have his number he doesnt text anybody much tho. A couple f weeeks ago me and him were put in the same bubble at school and my friends kept shipping us at school but they were also shipping him and another girl who wasnt at school. We have grown into closer friends in corona school and I do catch him staring loads and so does my friend the trouble is I also have a small crush on a boy called james and he is rlly cute to we text a lot me and james but that is partly because he is on his phone lots our conversations last like 2 hours and the topic is always one of the same things..... He talks about girls and I talk about boys we can really trust eachother and he is just rlly funny and kind in general!!!!

Back to jack he is blonde with blue eyes and rlly cute kind and funny idk if he likes me cause it says yes he likes me or maybe likes me on every quiz i try but at lunch he ignores my freindship group and just acts cool with his friends also he is rlly sensitive and cries more than any boy I know cause I have seen him cry like 5 times and all of them were at school.

I need advice cause I nearly told him that I like him but then I chickened out cause i wanted to know if he liked me!! What should I do!??
1388 days ago
Today on the bus (again sorry) Jack was two seats ahead of me. There was a grade four kid who was in the seat between us and to the left. (the kid is REALLY weird) Anyways the kid was talking to some other kids and suddenly he said "spongebob teeth!" Jack and I both looked at him. Turns out he was talking to me. (supposedly it was supposed to mean I have buck teeth even though I don't.) Then he said Jack had "spongebob teeth" too. We both looked at each other and chuckled.

Also, before I got on the bus I was standing waiting and muttered that I hated kids (I had just spent my afternoon with younger kids and the comment was in spite) Jack was standing nearby and said, "ya I hate them too. They're so annoying"
1389 days ago
Today on the bus (sorry if I talk about being on the bus a lot, I don't have any classes with him besides music class) Anyways he was one seat ahead of me and to the left (if that makes any sense) and talking to the little boy in front of him (who also happens to be my neighbor) The boy was telling him about his faux rac🍦 hat. Jack was nodding along. I was watching, very amused by the fact that the boy was saying the tail part of the hat had a bone. I let multiple small chuckles slip and every time Jack would look back at me, smiling shyly. Also, on Tuesday when I got to school I entered the hallway and he waved at me and said hi. I obviously said hi back and smiled.
1394 days ago
also, I like Jack a lot more. He is AMAZING (and not just from a crush point of view) He's handsome(great hair), beautiful bluish gray eyes, athletic, hilarious, friendly. I've known him since Kindergarten and had a crush on him since grade three what should I do?! One thing about me is I'm pretty abrasive but Jack doesn't really mind that! Hayden on the other hand is really sensitive so I don't know about it. They say opposites attract but in this case they might not.
1394 days ago
thanks girl! Hope you keep chatting. A few recent updates-

Monday on the bus home from school I was sitting in the seat right behind Jack. I had my hand up on the back of his seat. Suddenly he turned around to talk to one of his friends who was sitting in the same seat as me. He accidentally put his hand on top of mine. He stopped talking. I quickly pulled my hand back and he stared into my eyes for a moment before catching up to his senses and going back to talking to his friends. We both were smiling really big.

I'm kinda down in the dumps right now. I'm moving and I'm sad. Besides missing my friends I am disappointed because I was signed up for my first ever school trip in May from the 16th to the 18th. It's two nights of and I was planning on going with my friend Lily. She is really close to her mom so she said having me there with her would comfort her a lot so I feel really bad!! 😖 We have to be out of our current house on May 1st. Another thing is the situation with Jack and Hayden! I'm so depressed and annoyed. The logical part of my brain is also firing because since I'm in grade 6 I have PATs this year. (provincial acheivment's a Canadian thing.) Any ways even though they are provincial so the test is the same for every student in the province at all the different schools in the province, I still will be adjusting to a new school and then right away I'll have a massive test on each core subject that are all from the middle of May to the start of June!

Today on the bus I was sitting a few seats ahead of Jack. A girl in grade 2 or 3 was right I front of me. She had a rotten orange. I had my head down because I was texting my mom and suddenly I heard Jack yell, "(my name)don't look up!" So I kept my head down. Turns out the girl had the orange right over my head so if I looked up it would be in my face. Then Jack and one of his friends were yelling at the girl to quit being annoying 😊😊
1395 days ago
@confused girl

hey, i think i can help. i'm not an expert at love though. i💗at it. but maybe i can help.

you are still young, you know. you shouldn't rush into things. look, i'm in grade 9 so i don't know if it's a little hypocritical of me to say so but most of the time crushes will go away and fade. you do realise that if you like two people at once than your crush can't be that strong. no offense, but you say that you basically have crushes on two people at once. i don't think that the crush will last that long if your attention is also focused on someone else.

i liked this boy in grade six and i really really liked him, and only him. he really liked me. we are still together :D but it really was a struggle so i am definitely willing to help. just don't rush into any relationships when you aren't ready and don't pressure yourself into liking or kissing or heck, having s-- at your age! just be chill and go with the flow.

happy to answer any questions,
vanessa :D
1396 days ago
Sorry this is so long but I really had to get it off my chest.I am in grade six and need some advice if it's available. My friend told me that a guy in my class named Hayden really really liked me. She often walks home from school with him and she said he told her so I trust her. She also said he was going to ask me to the spring formal but he chickened out. Then he joined my band and it's super awkward. One of my band mates asked him about it out of the blue one day when we were practicing and he said he didn't but when my friend (not the one that walks with him) asked him in private he said he did. This has been going on for more than a month now and I feel like just asking him if it's really true, just a rumour or something else but I am not sure if he will be honest and I can't seem to find the right time to ask him! He is really nice, pretty cute (He has dirty blonde curly hair and clear blue eyes although my friend says he looks like a frog) but he's really sensitive and I'm more of a "tough" girl so I don't want to make him embarrassed, too shy or even make him cry when and if I ask him if he does have a crush on me. I have a bit of a crush on him too. My other problem is the guy I REALLY like might actually like me too. His name is Jack.I've taken a lot of quizzes and most of them either said he really likes me or he sort of likes me. I catch him staring at me often. Some other events that have lead me to believing he does like me are, one time I wa practicing my base guitar and singing part for my band in music class (he isn't in my band but he plays base too) I looked up and he was walking by. He blushed,and waved sheepishly. When I waved back he blushed even more stumbled a bit and mumbled something that I couldn't understand. Another example is we were all playing mantracker at recess one day.He and a bunch of his friends where standing in a group at the bottom of a hill and yelled up to me asking if I was it. I waved back signing I was it and they all scattered except for Jack who stayed till the last minute just staring at me. One last reason is whenever we have gym class together he seems REALLY embarrassed any time he missed a shot at the goal. One time I was at one of his basketball games and he got really nervous and lost focus when he saw me in the stands cheering. I see him at a lot of hockey games (he doesn't play but he loves to watch like any true Canadain) he always tries to sit in a seat near me in the stands and any time I see him at the consession he often orders the same thing as me.Jack has blonde hair and blueish grey eyes. He is really athletic, handsome and absolutely hilarious. (Among other things) He is a bit shorter than me but that makes sense because I'm pretty tall. He isn't in my class but he sits in the same desk as me for language arts. Please Help!!

PS today on the bus home from school I was sitting in the seat right behind Jack. I had my hand up on the back of his seat. Suddenly he turned around to talk to one of his friends who was sitting in the same seat as me. He accidentally put his hand on top of mine. He stopped talking. I quickly pulled my hand back and he stared into my eyes for a moment before catching up to his senses and going back to talking to his friends. We both were smiling really big.