Are you being bullied? 1

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Do you think you’re being bullied at school, work, or social events or gatherings? Well then you’ve come to the right place! I am experiencing bullying, so I know what it looks like. Take the quiz to find out whether the person is just rude, or actually targeting and bullying you.

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    Hello! To start off, are you being bullied at work, school, another class, or somewhere else?

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16 days ago
I have no friends to stick up for me because she lives far away
16 days ago
I am getting bullied plus, the teachers dont care. If a teacher cared they wouldnt say im too fat to play on a playground. The kid throw basketballs at me and push me down. Its pretty obvious im getting bullied
16 days ago
I bet im being bullied but gtg take the test first
20 days ago
Im Not Being Bullyed
20 days ago
I know I'm being bullied. I took this just to see if I was mentally paranoid. My bullies always beat the hell out of me for no reason. Almost every day I go home with a black eye and a bloody nose. They threatened me that if I tell anyone, I would be in BIG trouble, which is why I'm afraid to tell an adult. It's only my twin brother, Calvin, who knows about it, and I made him swear to Jesus not to tell a single soul. He's a strong believer, so I know I'm safe. I once tried standing up to them but they literally broke my bones. They beat me up really bad. They're ruthless. I am scared to death of them.
85 days ago
I got I am being bullied and I tried to take action with it. I told my parents and they just say to ignore them and it's the same for my friends. They always just say to ignore it and it realy annoys me.
106 days ago
i got i am being bullied but what if i already tried to talk to an adult/my mom but they didn't do any thin about it and seemed as if my mom was on my bully's side (my bully is my ex friend)
108 days ago
I got they seem pretty mean but they’re not bullying me. Honestly it only happened a couple of times and I was with my friends every time. They just laughed at me, it really hurt.
181 days ago
To be honest, I know that I am being bullied but just wanted to know incase I was mentally paranoid. But people would shame me and embarrass me for no reason, like they would be unkind if my phone was too wide. Like they even shamed my surname which really hurt because it was my step dads surname, and I've never known my biological father and he changed my life as a dad. They cause my dark circles and got annoyed that I had rac💗 eyes as they called it. I wouldn't have anyone to talk to since my friends would just expect me to be happy, and I express my thoughts through video games and I would get told off because nobody knew :(
188 days ago
I Expected that, I was never really liked When i was younger...I dont know WHAT i did....Nobody does anything In HighSchool...AND THIS BEGAN IN ELEMENTARY!
243 days ago
💗 MARY< ARE U ALRIGHT? I HATE YOU TOO gorgeous (egreen))
326 days ago
nah, they're not bullying me they're just being rude. it's just my stupid paranoid drama queen self. i hate myself, wow.