Am I bisexual or straight? (girls only)

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I hope this helps you find out who you are. don't take this quiz for fun. it should be more serious.

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    You just got a new neighbor. HE is cute... you immediately:

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109 days ago
I’m only 13 and I’m very confused and unsure I’m scared to tell my family and friends I’m scared even though my mom has told me she will accept me either way but I’m scared to tell my friends
218 days ago
I got bisexual on every test now and I kinda start to panik. Fuuuck what if I really am?? I can’t tell anyone! Why is this happening? Is it even true? Am I not lying to myself? But this girl in class next to me... fuuuuuck... Argh I don’t want this... why do I think like this it makes everything so complicated! I want to be straight! No, I want to be gay! Bi?? What is happeninh to meee...

Okay sry for my little breakdown hehe
The confused... bisexual. I think. Ah whatever.
377 days ago
You don’t need a test to tell you your sexuality,
429 days ago
So I have taken multiple of tests on this website and the top one ALWAYS is bisexual so I guess I'm bisexual
448 days ago
I would consider dating a woman depends on who it is and their personality. But my results were "probably straight but possibly bi". Oof. I think I might be Bisexual but this didn't really help, it was something to do though. Thanks

-Confused and Helpless
449 days ago
well i'm bi i don't know how or when to tell mt famliy they all want mto be straight ell mt brother wants me.why can't anybody just Axpeet me for me?.
449 days ago
I’m Bi~ I don’t know how or when to tell my parents though.......
450 days ago
I’m bi omg.

yay lolyeeeeeeeeee
454 days ago
I mostly like girls so I think I’m lesbian.
455 days ago
Idk if I’m bi because I feel like girls are cute and feel like I could like a girl one day but my parents most likely won’t approve and the quiz said I am and I’m super scared
455 days ago
I’m bi but I don’t wanna be I just think about imaginary girls
456 days ago
You said that I'm bisexual or slightly gay AND I TOTALLY AGREE :)))
457 days ago
I think I am bisexual, and confusion, you are right. Online tests don’t answer your life questions. But I already knew that I was bi. My results were that I was bi and maybe even slightly gay. I like girls and boys, and I’ve had crushes on both. I’ve kissed a girl before. Two, actually. I kinda like one of the girls I’ve kissed. Kinda. Confusion, what’s ur real name? Just wondering. Also, r u bi?