When will I start my period?

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If your anxious, worried or really excited for your first period then this is the quiz for you! This will tell you approximately when you’ll get your period! 💗

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    When did your mom start her period?
  • 3
    What are your breasts like?
  • 4
    Do you have discharge?
  • 5
    What does your discharge look like?
  • 6
    What’s your pubic hair like?
  • 7
    What’s your leg and armpit hair like?
  • 8
    Any cramps lately? (Stabbing or pulling bellow your belly button)
  • 9
    Mood swings or cravings lately?
  • 10
    Final question. How much do you weigh?

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20 days ago
@QuizLover sounds like you should get it ANY DAY NOW!!!!!
48 days ago
Estimate me plssss!

14 years old
mum got hers when she was 14
5ft (all of my family is small) had a growth spurt recently
6st 4lb
Discharge - a lot of watery whiteish everyday
had discharge for 2 years
Bra size A, been developing for 2 1/2 years
mood swings,headaches and cravings a few times a week
never had cramps or spotting
I have quite a lot of hair down there, blonde leg and arm hair had armpit hair for about 6 months

Most quizzes say about 3-6 moths
78 days ago
@can u help me plz I’d say you will start anytime now carry around an emergency kit just in case!
111 days ago
Ignore the 2 minutes ago
I coppied and pasted from my other comment on a different test 😂
111 days ago
Can u help me plz (57849)

2 minutes ago

13 in one month
Dont have a mum but nan got hers 2 weeks before she turned 13
Have been getting discharge for about 2 years 
Been getting alot of egg white discharge for a year and need to use liners most days now
Have to shave my legs and pits every 2 days (I'm a competitive swimmer)
Almost full down there
C/D cup
They really hurt sometimes 
5"8 very tall
Get really bad cramps almost every day
221 days ago
Hey guys! I’m Tay the creator of this quiz. Just so you know I messed up on the first question, so if you are 14 or 15 and still haven’t gotten your period that’s totally normal. If you are 16+ and haven’t gotten it then that’s when you should see a doctor. Sorry for the mix up ladies!❤️
247 days ago
Hey @Colette! My best guess would be about 6-8 months. Sounds like your body just needs to gain a little more weight and grow more first. It requires a lot of body weight to have periods average weight is 100lbs
268 days ago
@colette omg any week now girl
268 days ago
Breasts - definitely growing, pointy, small, but have been growing like 2 years aaa\aa bra

Discharge - Has been like 3 months since it started, like yellow and like 6-7 days a week, kinda a lot

Mood Swings - UMMMM DUH!

Cravings - *eating chocolate* *mouth full* sorry what? *eating every possible junk food*

Pubic Hair- um I'm REALLY blond, sooooooo, its long blond hair and it's confusing bc it's really curly but blonde, but I basically have white hair on the top of my head bc that's how blonde i am

Armpit Hair- same as pubic hair

Sweat- um 💗 yea! My sweat smells awful and is so 💗 ing much!

Growth Spurt- yes like 2-3 inches

Weight - 76 lbs.

Height- 4" 11'

Cramps- sometimes, kinda bad

@Tay can you pls estimate?
268 days ago
thank you Tay!!!
268 days ago
@Tay thank you soey abot mt spelling icam gsetting use to new phone lol
269 days ago
269 days ago
Hi @Emery! Thanks for the feedback I’ll try to fix it!
269 days ago
Hi @Terri! Seems like you could get your period in about 3-4 months! Congrats your almost there! And to answer your question, girls get their periods every month (not year) there is such thing as skipping a period and it’s common when you haven’t had periods for very long.
269 days ago
@Christina sui Hi! I think you will get your period in about 6-12 months! Your almost there!❤️ And to answer your question, discharge can be different for each girl but brown discharge usually means that your a few days away from your period (aka spotting) and clear or yellow discharge usually means your close to ovulation
269 days ago
Hey guys I’m the creator of this quiz! If you want me to estimate you just ask! ❤️
269 days ago
You can call me Christina d m I d thank you sui is my grandma last name
269 days ago
Hi my real name is Christina delephine Maya Jane Davidson
270 days ago
Thank you 😊 I love your name!!!
270 days ago
@Christina sui
Maybe a year........
Good luck girl x