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Done with research and tons of personal experience, this list (not quiz!) will cover almost every single sign out there! But of course, I'm only human, so I know I missed quite a few signs (and there are sooo many more out there) but all the major ones are here! Have fun and see if your crush displays any of these!

    They suddenly act different toward you. They may be shyer or more outgoing towards you, but you will notice a difference in behavior. Keep an eye out as it may be subtle to notice, especially if you don't see your crush often.

    They stare at you. If this happens once, they may have been daydreaming. Twice, you caught their eye. Three times, they notice you. The key to remembe
    They stare at you. If this happens once, they may have been daydreaming. Twice, you caught their eye. Three times, they notice you. The key to remember is never doubt patterns.

    Even if they don't stare they may not be able to help but glance at you even if you're not looking. It can be very fast and hard to miss. An example of how they may do it is pretending to look up at the clock and their eyes land on your face for a brief moment. They may also do something like pretending to scan the room just to make casual eye contact with you for a split second.

    Their eye contact/gaze lingers on you just a little longer than normal.

    They randomly say hi

    They make the most random comments like "Can I borrow a pencil", "Did you watch the game last night?", or "It's so cold in this room" just to be able to say something to you.

    They start a lot of conversations. If you find them coming up to you at least every once in a while, they'd probably like to talk to you more. Watch out for the types that like to socialize with everyone though.

    They're comfortable holding prolonged eye contact when speaking to you. This is pretty indicative.

    Eventually they'll open up and tell you secrets about themselves (not even their best friends may know) or talk freely about deeper subjects like their future (huge sign!) or family.

    They look deep into your eyes. You can just tell it's a different form of eye contact.

    They seem more comfortable around you in general, even if you barely know each other.

    They smile a lot around you, especially for no reason. If it's a real smile, their whole face will light up and their eyes will crinkle. The more
    They smile a lot around you, especially for no reason. If it's a real smile, their whole face will light up and their eyes will crinkle. The more their eyes crinkle, the happier they are. If they smile with their teeth showing (boys especially because they biologically stop doing this by the age of 5 unless they are really happy) they definitely like you, in the worst case as good friends.

    Their back is arched around you. I even catch myself doing this every single time my crush is around. It's a subconscious way of trying to appear more confident. Arching their back when you arrive is a very powerful sign. People tend to arch their backs when they feel happy. Have you ever seen a sad person not slouching?

    Their feet point at you (at least one) all the time. Even if they're not facing you, they'll usually have one foot pointed in the nearest direction to you.

    They'll face you all the time. Even if they're in conversation and perpendicular they'll face you slightly.

    They say random things like "merry Christmas" or "happy birthday"

    They know random things about you that you never told them, like your dog's name that only your friends know or your birthday that you never said out loud in front of everyone

    They remember everything you say. No, it's not amazing memory, they just like you a lot.

    They sometimes brush against you "accidentally"

    They seem embarrassed when you bump into them on accident

    They're too shy/nervous or outgoing in a conversation with you. Signs of nervousness besides classic blushing, stammering, giggling, and looking away include foot tapping and fidgeting. They may not tap their foot if their weight is evenly distributed on it though. Bonus sign, when I'm standing in a conversation with someone I catch myself crossing one ankle behind the other when I'm really nervous.

    They walk close to you as they pass by in an effort to get your attention

    Their pupils dilate after a few seconds of talking to you. The bigger their pupils, the more they fancy you. Or their eyes may "sparkle" bec
    Their pupils dilate after a few seconds of talking to you. The bigger their pupils, the more they fancy you. Or their eyes may "sparkle" because of the bigger pupils reflecting more light. Make sure the room isn't dim though when you test this out. Bonus fact: People's pupils dilate when they're excited or thinking about something stimulating. On the contrary, if they dislike something they see their pupils constrict to a small pinpoint. Our pupils also dilate slightly when we see a good friend.

    Above: Normal VS. I like you

    They stick around not too close, not too far away. But still kinda close. You may catch them suddenly sitting a few lunch tables away, or always standing ten feet behind you while everyone is waiting in the hall for the first bell.

    Their friends, who you never knew before, suddenly act nice to you. Or start to giggle around you.

    They're intently focused on you and nothing else when talking. If it's in a group it's an even better sign.

    They touch you, i.e. they sit or stand so your shoulders/knees touch, or they touch your arm when you make a joke.

    Their best friend is giving you looks. You get vibes that they're checking you out. Or their best friend may try to get to know you.

    They give you compliments, especially sincere ones.

    They mirror your body language. You fidget with a pencil, they look down at their desk and fidget with their fingers. You touch your hair, they touch their hair, you cross your legs, they follow. Doesn't have to be exact (as in example one) but you get it. This stems from a subconscious desire to be more like you. Studies also show that we like people more who mirror us, because we perceive them as having the same thoughts and views as us. So a good way to build rapport with someone would be to mirror them, very subtly. Don't copy EVERYTHING, and wait a few seconds before you mirror.

    "How was your day?" They're interested in how things are going for you.

    They bite their lip when talking to you..

    If you are the same gender, they openly discuss their sexuality, casually toss it up, hint at it, or even say it to your face.

    They lean in when you speak and when they're next to you.

    On the contrary, they may lean really far away due to self consciousness. You never know what their excuse is, maybe they have bad breath or are truly shy.

    One day they're friendly, the next they're cold and distant. They overanalyzed how friendly they were yesterday so tomorrow they may seem closed off to compensate.

    They go out of their way to avoid you. This means they either really hate you or really like you. If they like you their body language will say so. They could also do things like only walking past your desk when you get up, or not walking past your locker in passing period even though it's the short way. And remember, no one can hide a crush forever no matter how hard they try.

    They lick their lips. All this nervousness is making their mouth produce less saliva.

    After talking to you/saying hi/interacting, they will become hyperactive. This is caused by a rush of hormones and you'll notice yourself doing this too. They may suddenly start being loud and outgoing or just more energetic in their environment.

    They look up and down at you from a distance, or even from close by.

    If they look at you from far off and look down, this may indicate a sense of loss. They feel like you don't like them, especially if you've been ignoring them. Or they may miss you.

    They break eye contact downward. Catch their gaze in totally random, unexpected situations and if they like you, their instinctive response will be to look down. This is because they feel intimidated or submissive, in a good way. However sometimes they'll break it to the side if that's the quickest way. Pay attention to how you break yours in a given situation. Does it match theirs? Bonus: Eye contact broken sideways means they're neutral, eye contact broken up means they hate you or they're trying extra extra hard to cover up their feelings (may be accompanied by a slight eye roll).

    They do "gravity defying" movements. Does the foot pointed at you have its toes pointing up in the air? Do their eyebrows go up when talking
    They do "gravity defying" movements. Does the foot pointed at you have its toes pointing up in the air? Do their eyebrows go up when talking to you? These gravity defying moves show happiness, like when a soccer player throws their hands up in the air after a goal!

    They ask lots of questions because they want to get to know you.

    They groom themselves in your presence. Touching hair, fixing shirt, etc, even if they're next to you or presenting for the whole class.

    They make strong eye contact.

    They're overly apologetic. They may say "I'm sorry" instead of mumbling "sorry" or put emphasis on "I'm SO sorry". Or they could also be shy and just say sorry normally.

    They use your name a lot. We tend to like people more that use our name, and we also tend to use the name more of people we like. Or they could just be one of those name people, but hey, at least that means they don't hate you.

    They try to be funny or make you laugh.

    They laugh at your stupidest jokes. They're trying to please you and at the same time ease tension.

    Their body language may be closed off at first due to nervousness (crossed arms for example). If they truly like you they'll eventually ease up. Other signs of tensed up body language around a crush are duck lips (they subconsciously want to kiss you, maybe not literally right now but hopefully in the future), pigeon toes (toes pointing inwards, it means they're smitten aka they like you), and gripping the wrist (shows nervousness. The further up their forearm the more nervous they are. Gripping the other hand is also closed body language and it can signal nervousness too).

    Girls will constantly cross their ankles when sitting down with you. This shows nervousness but also makes it harder to escape, therefore she wants to stay.

    Blushing. This one may take longer for some people but you should notice it within 30 seconds of talking to someone.

    Fast breathing. Their heart is pounding and mind racing. They can't really control this one since they feel so stressed out sitting next to you. They may breathe normally if they're literally talking to you though, since no one breathes rapidly while speaking. You may notice the slightest increase in respiration however.

    If they walk with you, they'll adjust your pace to match yours. They won't lag behind or speed up.

    Just because they like someone else doesn't mean you're through, especially if they display some of these signs. Their crush may not even exist, you may be their second crush, or there's always the chance that they break up with their gf/bf. If they are dating though, don't intentionally try to ruin it. But if you really do want them, and not revenge of any sort on anyone, and honestly think you can make them happier than they are now, here's what you do. Get to know them, show them your personality, and now they have a choice. Then you can rest assured knowing you gave it your best no matter the outcome.

    They show up to places where you are. They join the newspaper club, go to your school soccer game, or walk the long way to class just to see you.

    They always have their back turned AND stand near you. This means they'd like to be approached.

    They drop something near you so you can pick it up.

    They ask for things like paper and erasers. Bonus points if they ask it like "Can you do me a favor". Asking normally is fine too, however.

    They're really nice to you. They say "here you go" when handing out graded tests, hold the door, give you gifts, things like that.

    They stand up for you. Very powerful if they're the only one doing it.

    They're very concerned when you get hurt.

    The smile you give them lasts. The longer it does, the more it's likely to signal interest.

    When they make a joke they look at you first. This is a firm of seeking approval.

    They touch their brows often around you. This means that what they just heard appealed to them.

    They tilt their head when talking to you. When women do this, it exposes their vulnerable neck area. When men do this it shows it shows interest.

    Mentioning you when you're not around means you're on their mind.

    They become interested in your hobbies or seem to know a lot about them.

    They constantly try to get another meeting with you.

    They have nicknames for you. Think about it, would you give someone you weren't interested in a nickname?

    They tease you. This is a form of flirting. Some boys will be really mean to you, but really they might like you.

    Their body language changes around you.

    A tomgirl may act less sporty around you or a boy may become softer.

    Their voice tone changes. Men and women lower and raise their pitch, respectively.

    They start to copy your way of speaking. They may mimic your speech rate, use some of your vocabulary, or say a certain word like you. Interestingly, if you have a slight accent they will pick up on it. This one takes time, but it will inevitably happen.

    They're careful with their language. If they're known for tossing around expletives they may suddenly tone it down around you.

    When they do something like score a goal or shoot a three pointer in basketball they'll check to see if you saw.

    Their nostrils flare when with you. Very subtle.

    They blink a lot, indicating nervousness. You can also notice this in politicians.

    They show off around you.

    Guys will stick their chest out.

    Women expose their wrists and men may roll up their sleeves to show their forearms.

    They'll play with a nearby object, if you know what I mean. They may start doing things like stroking their own thigh subconsciously.

    They act protective, like offering you their coat or hugging you.

    They ask who you like, a lot. They make jokes about your gf/bf. They may compare themselves negatively to your SO because they feel like they're not good enough. They may feel uncomfortable when the subject is brought up.

    They follow you on social media and like your selfies. Or you may notice that they've checked out your account.

    They subconsciously talk louder around you so you can notice.

    They become friends with your friends to try and get closer to you?

    They flirt with someone else and keep checking your reaction.

    They respond quickly to your texts or wait a little too long before answering (to not seem desperate).

    They ask for your number.

    Guys act more macho and girls act more feminine.

    You've caught them staring at your chest or butt. If you're a guy, arms also. If you're a girl, they may have been staring at your legs. Both genders may also look at their crush's lips if they're nearby (hint hint).

    They just give "hints".

    They look at you when you enter the room. Or they look at you right before they leave.

    They suddenly tense up or go quiet around you.

    Lack of eye contact. They never look at you, and in a group you're the one person they never/rarely look at. They may even go as far as turning away when they know you're staring.

    They come back to you when you leave a conversation for a few minutes.

    Guys sit with their legs spread out. They're being vulnerable to you because they trust you.


    -If they're sitting near you they'll orient the fingers of their hand toward you.
    -Their friends giggle/whisper when you walk by
    -Your crush looks down before you walk by. Normally people don't do this, so they're shy about something! Or they may pretend to look right through/past you to cover up their feelings. It doesn't always mean they aren't interested.

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He does 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 19, 29, 36, 45,46, 72, 78, 100. Plus he made me his partner first thing (he was in charge as he was team captain.

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I have another hint: I touch my nose when I’m giggling nervously. Yeah, its weird, but it’s what I do. I also overly react to something funny and i tend to be more sarcastic and try to make him (my crush) laugh. I might also act tomgirlish, the opposite of what you said, cause I’m trying to hide my feelings for him.
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