Tomboy, girly girl, or in between?

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What are you? Tomboy? Super girly? In between? Find out here!

  • 1
    How often do you wear makeup?
  • 2
    How do you do your hair?
  • 3
    What shoes do you usually wear?

  • 4
    How do you feel about sports?
  • 5
    If you do like them, which one I'd you're favorite?
  • 6
    Favorite outfit?

  • 7
    What does your room look like?
  • 8
    Favorite colors?
  • 9
    What's you're personality?
  • 10
    Lastly, what do you think you are?

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1478 days ago
I’m defiantly in between I HATE pink but love wearing girly outfits ugh I don’t think I’ll rver pick one and if I do it’ll be.....
1478 days ago
Tomboy! Mostly accurate except for the fact that I get teased about hanging out with boys. Although, I barely hangout with boys. There are just 2-4 boys I mostly talk to, but that's about it.
1478 days ago
Yeah in between. I’m not too prissy. I do Swim and Basketball, but hey, I like blue & pink!
1478 days ago
Oh ya. I LOVE mud. I've also been called a cowgirl/country girl. I like doing stuff like hunting, camping, fishing,quading. Pickup trucks for life!!
1480 days ago
This is totally accurate!