When Will YOU get your Period?

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Do you want to know? I’d say this is 80% accurate, but everyone is different.

  • 1
    I know all quizzes ask this, but how old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh? I know it’s a touchy subject, but it is important.
  • 3
    How old was your mother compared to you?

  • 4
    What are your breasts like?
  • 5
    Armpit hair?
  • 6
    Pubic hair?

  • 7
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 8
    What is your discharge like?
  • 9
    Are you having a growth spurt?
  • 10
    1 last physical question. Have you been having soreness in the breasts, or tenderness?

  • 11
    Cramps below your belly button. Are they there?
  • 12
    Cravings, and odd food choices?
  • 13
    Mood swings?
  • 14
    Which of these are you experiencing?

    Bad upper leg cramps
    Proneness to injuries
    Vomiting more than once every three months when you’re not sick
  • 15
    Last actual question, what about acne?
  • 16
    Fave colour? not worth anything

  • 17
    Worth points, I forgot about this, height?
  • 18
    What did you think of the quiz?

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132 days ago
@Clara, i think you'll get yours in 1-4 months
132 days ago
I am 4f 9inches. I am 10. I weigh 5.5 stone. I need estimate
423 days ago
Hi, could someone please estimate me

Age 11
Height 4ft 6
Weight 70 pounds
I get lots of discharge every day for the past 5 months
I get cramps almost every day
My 💑 are always really sore
I have a foll brown bush dowas there
My mom got hers at 12
I get mood swings 3 times a week
I don'the have much armpit hair
I have lots of leggs hairs

I want my period so much! Please help
423 days ago
hello! could someone please estimate me?

i’m turning 12 very soon
i’m 4’ 7.5. (i’m short but the rest of my family is too)
i weigh 75-ish pounds
my 💗 are an 32a or a large training bra
my mom got hers at 13 and my sister got hers at 11
i have lots of discharge every day that’s yellow, milky white and it’s been kinda brown once or twice
occasionally i have back aches
i get bloated pretty easily
my hair down there is dark brown, curly and covering over half of the area
i shave my armpits weekly and i shave my legs every once in a while
my 💗’s are a tiny bit tender
i get moody swings about 3x a week

i really want my period!! please help
458 days ago
Heyyyy could someone estimate plz
Turnt 12 in Feb 5ft 6
My 💖 are triangular but never tender
I get a small whitish discharge everyday occasionally have cramps near belly button and back and sometimes feel uncomfortable down there 😖
Mum got hers at 13 quite a lot of leg hair no underarm hair

Plz helllp
476 days ago
Sorry about that, I accidentally deleted the email with the password to change the quiz. Unfortunately, that means I cannot fix it. SORRY!!!!!!
478 days ago
I just got my period about 5 mins after taking this quiz and it said " 2-4 month" INACCURATE?
479 days ago
so this quiz said 2-4 months i got my period today could you fix it a bit?
480 days ago
Hi peeps thank u so much
481 days ago
Laura a sharp stabbing pain below your belly button
481 days ago
Hey (idk) what do cramps feel like
482 days ago
Hi peeps anyone here
483 days ago
Your name pretty soon. 1-4 months
484 days ago
Hi can anyone estimate me?

Turned 12 two days ago
Weighs 108lbs
Height is 5'3
Discharge is yellow, white, and every day
Acne sometimes
Mood swings sometimes
Cramps frequently
Diarrhea and constipation are a struggle
Tired everyday
Bra size is 32 A
Armpit, down there, and leg hair is brown and full shave every week

Thank you!
484 days ago
Why are you taking this then? It makes zero sense
484 days ago
it said 2-4 months but i got mimne about 1 month ago...
485 days ago
@Hi peeps
2-6 months!
Good luck Sophie!
485 days ago
Hi I know it’s weird asking for an estimation on my own quiz but...
10 years old 11 in December
5 0” I know I’m tall
Mood swings once a month
A drop of discharge once a week
Cramps once a week and minor stomach pains once a month
A bit dizzy whenever I have swimming
Sports bra but maybe could wear a AAA 10 whatever that is in American sizes
Not much acne heaps on my nose tho
Mum got it 10
Browish leg hair and arm hair
Pubic hair black curly not covering a lot of the area
Really short blonde armpit hair and it’s wispy
Sweat more than before but not a lot
Cravings once a month
Tender breasts but ache once a day
Breasts are triangular, not budding but still tiny
I’d really like an estimate
Anyone who read my old one sorry some errors they were corrected.
485 days ago
idk maybe this IS accurate maybe not but good job!!!
486 days ago
@Hi peeps
Are u still here?????