Are you Lesbian, Bi-sexual, or Straight? Quiz

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I’ve done pretty much every quiz on sexuality’s to see if I’m Bi-sexual, I’m pretty sure I am. But if your questioning your sexuality this quiz is just right for you!💖

  • 1
    Have you ever had a crush on a person of the same sex?
  • 2
    Have you had a crush on a person of the opposite gender?
  • 3
    How far would you go with a girl?
  • 4
    Do you have sexual fantasies with the opposite sex?
  • 5
    If a super attractive woman came up to you and started flirting with you, would you flirt back?
  • 6
    Have you ever kissed a person of the same sex?
  • 7
    Which do you think you are based on this quiz?
  • 8
    Would you see yourself marrying a person of the same sex?
  • 9
    What one do you hope you get?
  • 10
    Do you check out people of the same sex?

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71 days ago
I think I’m bi curious 🤔🤔 I do also online date as a boy in roblox ( that means with girls ) I know te bad rip but it’s just interesting and makes you wonder what’s up 🙃 hope y’all have a happy pride month :p
71 days ago
I’m just thinking because I think I want a girlfriend or a cute girl to hang with but I also have fantasies about hot boys.. IM CONFUSED WHICH ONE WTHEnter here your text you want to format
73 days ago
Enter here your text you want to ima so bye to bi CUZ AM BI AND I LOVE MEN AND WOMAN (MORE WOMAN ;)format
73 days ago
I have been confused about myself since I was like 11 and I have figured out that this 💗 is a lesbian. I am fine with that but it’s my parents I’m scared about telling... any my huge Greek (mums side) and Italian family (dad’s side). I am the only one in my entire family that isn’t sexually attracted to the opposite💗and I feel like I’m going to be the outsider. As I said, I’m fine with it, but I have absolutely no clue on how my family and friends r going to react. Like, idk if my best friends (3 girls) r going to see me the same and act different around me and be all on edge if they make a certain joke and feel like they said something wrong or it’s awkward for them to be around me.... OR be like “Yass nothings changed, ur still u and we’re fine with that”. My mum, dad, Aunties and Uncles are all like, “We love u for who u r and we will always love u,” but they r all regretting saying ‘yes’ to gay marriage in Australia and how the gays r taking advantage of the simple ‘yes’ voting and I’m sitting here like.... 😬😬. Soooo... imma go hide and cry in the corner now.

Sorry. I’m going on a rant on here because I have no one to talk to about this because I haven’t come out to anyone yet and I feel like I can talk about it on here because even if my friends and/or family see this for some reason, they will have no clue it’s me.
74 days ago
Dude I knew it I was bisexual, haha
76 days ago
Don’t worry Kasey if your parents and friends don’t except you there not worth your time
76 days ago
I’m lesbian, I’m dead 😵 my dad is gonna kill me! I’m suppose to like boys. WHY!!!! Aviana is gonna kill me to! She’s my BFF ;-; my friend Charlie is gonna be happy tho xD. Although I always online date with girls on roblox! Lol it’s fun, and funny!.
76 days ago
Well im Bi-sexual. This is going to fun telling my friends. Good luck to me 😗
76 days ago
I'm Lesbian dang it how am I going to tell me mom she hates Lesbians well I'm dead wish me luck
76 days ago
Happy Pride month 🌈
76 days ago
now to tell my bsf i like her ;-;
76 days ago
Hello people in the coments, I got bi as my answer but I'm preetttty sure I'm lesb but now I'm unsure...Can some help?
77 days ago
Change 💗yyy into a heart
77 days ago
Why do 10 and 11 year olds think they have sexualities yet. You get first sexual attractions when your 13 to 14. You all are to young to even be 💗 yet
78 days ago
Its pride month for me!
78 days ago
IT AM LESBIAN! I HAVE LIKED GIRLS! I Am happy with that!
79 days ago
It says i'm bi sexual...🤫🤫
79 days ago
it says imma straight weirdo, but who knows...
83 days ago
I came out as a lesbian!
83 days ago
I,m 12 and I got bi sexual -*- cool