Are you a true Queen fan?

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This will test your knowledge on one of the most iconic bands of all time.

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    Who was the youngest member?

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1350 days ago
I started watching em in 2019, already a huge fan of their song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and ‘Under Pressure’ and it’s 2020. Yeet, so I don’t know much....big yeet
1360 days ago
Umm... TI'm Staffell was the lead singer, and also, the question about when they formed could be more specific. Like when John joined? Cause that was 71. But they had other bassists before him in 70. AND QUEEN NEVER BROKE UP!!! Also, the are many nicknames for Deaks.
1456 days ago
Just so you know, Michael Jackson didn't bring a llama/alpaca to the studio. it was his chimp "bubbles" and their relationship threw Freddie off
1503 days ago
Queen never broke up, Paul McCartney wasn't the lead singer of Queen and John had multiple nicknames.
1527 days ago
Paul wasn‘t the lead singer and John‘s nickname was either Deaky (or Deacy), Disco Deaky (Deacy) or Birdman
1536 days ago
Paul McCartney wasn't the lead singer of Smile. it was Tim Staffel
1549 days ago
PAUL MCCARTNEY WASN'T TGE SI GET OF SMILE.... but otherwise nice quiz
1551 days ago
Thank you for bleeping out that devils name, but on question 10 the first album was killer queen not queen
1551 days ago
Hun, they did break up any true fan should know this
1556 days ago
1577 days ago
Of course, Tim Staffel!
1579 days ago
Great quiz! Though you should correct the question about the lead singer of Smile, 'cause you put Paul McCartney as the right answer.
1580 days ago
Tim Staffel was the lead singer of Smile, not Paul McCartney