Warrior cat personality

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Please enjoy this test, sorry if it does not match to the questions exactly. By Cevil

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    Imagine you are a beautiful she, and you are just minding your own business, strolling by the river. Then suddenly some rouges leap out of a nearby bush, and quickly grab your scruff, pulling you down the bank into a small cave, where you are pinned down, the angry glare of the kidnappers burning you.You have some options.
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    None of your escape plans worked, but Mistystripe, maple -bracken and oaksnow from sky clan have spotted the rogues and have come to rescue you.Maplebracken is badly injured, and mistystripe is bearly breathing.But oak snow is so beautiful, and he was the one who actually saved you. He is also wounded but not very badly. Who do you help?
  • 3
    Sadly, you find out at the next gathering that mistyfeather passed away, and now skyclan needs a new deputy. It happens to be oaksnow, and you are so incredibly happy for him that you run over to the tree base and nuzzle close to him. Every cat is staring at you in horror. What do you do?

  • 4
    (You are still a clan cat, sorry rogues!) To your surprise, you were let off but oaksnow is not the deputy anymore, and instead his brother mothclaw is the next to be leader.you have been chosen by StarClan to go on a mission with some cats from the other clans, but you are not sure if you want to go anymore.
  • 5
    You ended up on the mission anyway, and you and oaksnow are avoiding each other. But you moved on pretty quickly, and now redstorm catches your eye. But this was s a mission, not a night out!
  • 6
    You and the rest of the group have made it to the hill of sights, your destination.but there seems to be a problem, somebody has beaten you to it.Oh no, it’s another rogue group? There are so many cats there! what do you do?

  • 7
    The rogues caught you while you were deciding. You are being held separately to the others, each of you guarded by a whole clan full of cats. One cat keeps coming and questioning you, scratching you and biting you.do you,
  • 8
    Either you or some other cat gave in, as you are all taken into a big clearing, and herded into a tight ball near the centre. A she cat with blue eyes and a matted grey and black pelt stalks forwards, and introduces herself. But just at that moment, lightning shakes the sky and you have a chance to escape. Only you, though.do you,
  • 9
    You end up just at the Side of the bustling cats, getting splattered with rain, and blinded by mud. Stumbling around randomly trying to find shelter you bump into something incredibly hard. It’s force knocks you backwards and as you fall unconscious, you feel yourself fall backwards off a ledge.
  • 10
    Oh ow you find yourself at the bottom of a cliff face, battered and bruised completely alone. Nobody seemed to be near you anymore. A cold shiver sweeps through you as you recall what just happened.do you,

  • 11
    Do you like the quiz?
  • 12
    You wake open your eyes to find you are standing at the edge of the river bank, back in your territory. It was all a dream! Just then you feel a sharp pain in your neck and teeth are pulling you down the bank and into a hole.
  • 13
    Did you mind that Mistystripe became misty feather? Please say you didn’t as that was a honest mistake!

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1070 days ago
I got Blue feather. Haha 😼